My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dreams last for so long, even after they're gone...

I had a dream this morning that I got the call, and this time I had more time to get to the hosp. Remember my last dream where I got the call and was informed that I had 10 minutes to get to the hosp (and the stupid girl on the other line tried to have a conversation with me?) well, today, in my dream, I was given the luxery of having a whole 12 hours to get to the hosp. In my dream, I got the call at 7:30am and had until "19:30" to get there, which would make it 7:30PM. Pretty cool eh?

Got the tube removed yesterday! Having the tape pulled off my face hurt more than the tube slithering out of my nose! YAY! I was able to eat like a normal human being again and it thrilled me beyong all comprehension of ever being thrilled. As i write this I have a small pain in the left side of my chest. I tell myself it's pleurisy but more or less i will later on hate myself for blatently disregarding the early signs of heart attack as they happen to me. Oh well.

So yes, the tube experience went good. Wasn't too bothersome, though my throat was sore yesterday and is still a tad sore but nothing horrible. It gave me an excuse to consume mass amounts of freezies so that's always cool. After I got the tube pulled, dad and I went to TGH for physio, which was grand, and then we crossed the street to Sick Kids for my twice yearly check up, which went grand as well! YAY!

I was checked over by the doc, and she felt my throat, listened to my lungs, took my med list, and blah blah. She was a little alarmed to discover a 'small hemmorage' (say in Quebec french accent) in the back of my throat, as my glands weren't swollen. I reminded her that I just did a 24 hour pH probe test and had a tube down my throat, and she connected the two and said that my throat no doubt bled a little by the placing of the tube (which also accouts for the pain). So that's good. Considering the fact that i gagged and choked and vommited and died all over the place, having a small hemmorage in my throat isn't too bad.

Again the docs told me that they expect a great outcome from the tx. I will be the first person to ever get a tx who has no immune system (i'm a pioneer damnitt!) so that's exciting. They said that it's clear to them that there is no other option than this (as i clearly remember being told 2 years ago that lung tx would never be an option for me), so i felt validated again in my decision to pursue this choice of treatment.

The docs wanted to know my recent course of antibiotics. I riddled off my list (Tobi, then Cipro, then Suprax, then Tetracycline). I told them that I go off them and 2 weeks later am sick and phlegmy again. This got me a one way ticket to a now 'always' course of Tobi (grr). I will take Tobi the same way and in the same manner (continuous) as i take Septra and Zithromax. I wasn't thrilled but this prospect as Tobi is time consuming to take, but i got an order placed in for new neb cups and I also scored some new prescriptions, which I can't complain about.

That's about it. It's a gorgeous day out today and will be a gorgeous weekend for Thanksgiving! I am having Thanksgiving with the girlies tomorrow so that is tres exciting. My camera will hopefully be in by then and i can get some pics of us and our 'bounty'. Today I am not in TO, but I will be tomorrow as i have a scope of my espophagus.

Um...yeah. That's it.

Have a lovely day!!!


BreathinSteven said...

I hope all of your bestest dreams come true, Bree... I hope they come true soon...



Alice said...

good luck with the scope deary... may it go awesomely!!!!!! So excited abt your life AFTER tx... It'll be soon, dont worry!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

LOL hopefully that dream comes true soon!!!! And I will be humming that nifty little song (as your blog title) all freaking day now LOL!!!!

Sucky for TOBI but hopefully that calls comes ASAP and you only have to do it for a very short time!

Love and hugs and all that garbage :)