My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Endoscopy= Not fun

When was the last time I wrote? God knows i've lost my brain.

I beleive I wrote on Weds after i got my tubey thingy pulled. Thurs was great: had nothing planned and i loved it.

Friday I had to be back at TGH for an Endoscopy. I couldn't eat from midnight on. Endoscopy was scheduled at 11:30 am and we were instructed to be there at 10:30 am. Traffic on the way to TO was great. We made it in 40 minutes so we were super early. The hosp in and of itself (the main floor anyways) smells entirely of food, so as we waited my stomach grumbled and i was very cranky. My mum wouldn't let me even have water.

So we go to the 2nd floor for the scope. We wait. The chick called me to go back and addressed me as "Brian". I refrained from physically assaulting her and yelling that she learn to read a little better, and I really resisted the urge to smack her when i was informed i'd have to put a hospital gown on. So i change, and I wait, and then they come to give me an IV. I told them my veins were crap and they didn't beleive me, but when the first IV went in and the vein blew, they realized it. I told them about my No Zone - my hands - and of coure the IV lady went there. I was mad and she told me that i shouldn't be so upset since it was the only vein i had left. Yeah well, you used it and broke it and now it won't work when i go for my regular IV next week. *Hmph*. i get wheeled back to the room and they give me this nasty stuff to gurgle twice, and then swallow. I felt like my tongue had swelled to mammoth proportions, and then they injected me with anasthetic and i went out. I was kind of awake when it was done. I remember the nurse (a nicer one) putting my pager in my hand. I looked at the clock and it said 12:30. When i woke up again it was 1:30 and i was informed that they had forgotten about me and left me and that I had been there too long. I felt alright until i stood up. I was all dizzy to walk and couldn't walk in a straight line. Every question that was asked of me recieved the answer of "Yeaaaaaaaaaaah" and that was in.

It was hard to put my clothes back on. My limbs felt really heavy and apparently i farted the whole time i got dressed. They informed me that they pumped air in my stomach (since they were looking at my esophagus/stomach). The only finding i was told about was Thrush in my throat, which i'm assuming is from Advair. Other than that things looked great. The ride home i felt a little sick to my stomach and wasn't the best person to have an intelligent conversation with. At one point i announced to my mum that "It's nice and warm for December..." to which she replied, "It's October." I called my dad too and he thought something was seriously wrong with me. I guess you shouldn't call ppl as anasthetic wears off. Oh well.

I wasn't even hungry when i was allowed to eat since i had to swallow numbing stuff, so i couldn't feel my hunger anyways. I had a coke and finally had a cheese tea biscuit from Timmies at 4pm. SO i went from eating at 11:30pm Thurs night to 4:30pm Friday afternoon. Wonderful.

I more than made up for it at Krystals Thanksgiving though last night! I wasn't allowed to drive however so I got a ride and i ate like a fiend. I can proudly say i slept soundly as i slipped into a diabetic/anasthetic coma for the night. I feel like a pig and i feel much better today! My throat is sore and it hurts to swallow when i eat but oh well! Mum and I went to the grocery store to get food for Thanksgiving tomorrow (when we have everyone over, even though it's on Monday) and of course I ran into a teacher from high school who i had a chat with. And of course i looked like a total homeless person in my sweatpants and t-shirt. Oh well.

Other than that, things are good. I feel like crap b/c of the Tobi but oh well. Hopefully i get called soon. Say a prayer/good thought for ROSIE who is in the hosp! Hope you get well soon and they figure out what you had/have!!!

Bye people.


Amy said...

LOL the farting part and "it's nice and warm for Decemebr" made me laugh like a fool!!!!! And therefore cough too hehe.

Enjoy Thanksgiving and eat like a total pig for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Matt Todd said...

When they do a bronch on me they give me versed which apparently makes me very talkative and overly friendly. Apparently I'm more pleasant to be around after they give me that stuff. On that last bronch i was alert enough to watch the monitors. As they put the scope down my airways i could see where they had been sewn together from the transplant. I thought that was pretty cool.