My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cleaning out my closet...

Thank you, Eminem.

But anyways, I was talking to Meghann lastnight and we were discussing purses. We are both so addicted to buying purses that both of us combined have probably spent enough money on them that could otherwise save a small island from sinking, or a small country from crumbling.

Anywho, at one point in our conversation about Guess purses, it inspired me to dive into my closet and hunt for my small, black one that matches my wallet. Well i looked and i ended up throwing stuff out of my closet (like textbooks from every semester at university which is essentially 4 years of classes and a rediculous amount of money!), and binders, clothes, blankets, and shoes. Finally, at the bottom, I located my my black purse, and when i turned to face my room again, i discovered that what had started as a simple attempt to located something was in reality a full-blown excavation that must be attended to immediately.

I thus blamed it all on Meghann b/c it she hadn't made me hunt for my purse, my closet would still be a giant mess and there'd still be loads of crap in it.

So today i used Thanksgiving monday (since we had ours yesterday) to clean out my shit. Like a wise patient, i refrained my using O2, I didn't take my meds before the excavation began, and I worked like a dilligent little ant to get the stuff done. 5 hours, and 5 garbage bags later and my closet is beautiful. My purses are all nicely placed on the floor with my shoes, my textbooks and binders and O2 stuff (extra tubing and the like) are all in a little trunk in the closet, and all things from the 90s (i'm not lying, and i'm so ashamed) have been thrown out and i feel like a brand new woman!

It wasn't until i was finally done that i realized how much this excavation process has worn me out, and how not using O2 or doing meds prior to it was really not a wise decision on my part. I feel exhausted; I am too tired to stand; I ate food to get my blood sugar up (since i did the excavation on a bowl of porridge and a coke - yum) but i still felt crappy.

How's this for dignifying: i sat on the tub floor to have a shower. I squeaked and was really loud but i had to do it. I didn't sit down like a delicate angel that I am, i stumbled and half fell in the tub, and i slipped and slided and was practically bouncing. I couldn't stand bc i was huffing and puffing and just felt so terrible. I was coughing and phlegming all over the place and it was just ugh, disgusting. I ran out of soap and eventually, after dropping it 2 times, let it go down the drain. It was rediculous.

It was not the most dignifying thing I have ever done, but it was probably the fastests shower I've ever had!


Meghann "Queen of the O2 People" said...

Hey! Don't blame your psycho closet cleaning episode on ME, Missy! :) hehehehhe.

Hope you're feeling better today and fully recovered from your closet cleanse. Wanna come do mine now? lol

Amy said...

Well at least the closet it clean :)

Hope you recovered from working...why do we insist on doing shit like that without O2??? We must think we are invinceable :)