My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mirror Mirror and 5 months

There was a little bit of an incident today on the way to rehab. wasn't on the 'way' it was more like i had driven about 10 seconds from my house when it happened.

I pulled down the hill to see the light at the end of the street was red. Great, perfect opportunity for me to pull down my mirror and look at myself. I actually wanted to see my shirt - which i'm in love with today - but i also wanted to take the time at hand to inspect the zit that has taken up residence on my chin. I popped it nicely this morning and put coverup on it, and wanted to make sure the coverup hadn't gotten all dried up and crusty, which it had. After realizing there was nothing i could do to save the horrifying appearance of my crusty coverup, i looked into my eyes and admired their colour.

I'm not lying. I actually did. I bought that Almay eyeshadow and eyeliner and mascara for your eye colour that allegedly makes the colour 'pop'. Well it works, b/c for once they looked magestic and not boring. I was so taken up by myself that it took the honk from behind me to bring me to my senses. Feeling irked at being rudely drawn from my little world, i looked in my rearview mirror to see the guy (whos car i had finished admiring right before the red light! it looks like the batmobile) behind me throwing his hands up and screaming. I flipped the mirror up and began to drive, when the light turned yellow and i stopped.

This caused him to start honking again, and the person behind him began to honk, and they both threw their hands up and started screaming at me in their cars. I felt bad and didn't want to look back for fear they'd meet my eyes and say something rude to me.

Finally, the light turned green and i sped away slowly - on purpose - and couldn't help but laugh an evil laugh at their pissiness.


Last night me and the girlies finished Season 1 of the Tudors. Jenna informed me that I offically added another notch to her "Why Bree is Awesome" list (the newest notch being the experience just listed above!). It started when i arrived at her place one Sunday morning, with freshly cooked bacon wrapped in paper towels. Well, i added 3 more notches lastnight by expanding my ability to cram almost everything into my purse. Not only did I have a full season of the Tudors in it, i had my wallet, my puffers, a lot of paper, a phone, a bag of chips, AND a jar of salsa. The only thing missing clearly was a small child.

The interns are back at TGH. They're back in swarms since school has begun. I was engulfed by a sea of interns one day as i stepped off the elevators, and i feel like i have more authority and more right to be in the hospital than they do, which is arrogant since they have more medical knowledge than i likely do. There are countless hotties, countless countless hotties.

No new interns in rehab yet...which is ok. I guess.

What else? Still on Tetracycline. Dare i say i'm feeling a little bit better? Who's probably a mask to cover the absolutely crappiness that lies within. I shall manage. I have a meeting with that GI specialist on Weds and a meeting with the surgeon next Monday.

Hope all goes well and as always that i get my call soon! Today marks 5 months that I've been listed!


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for a while and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading it...your mirror mirror incident is classic! I think I went to University in the town you live in due to a Red Lobster turned Vet comment (unless there was more than one in Ontario that switched from killing and eating animals to fixing them ?!)
Anyhoo I throughly enjoy your blog and have my fingers and toes crossed for you and your new set of lungs...I have CF and share some of your views on hospitals and the medical field in general. Hope the Tetracycline kicks in soon and the new lungs even sooner

Gizela said...

Thanks for making me smile!
Still thinking of you and hoping for that call real soon.
Greetings from SA

Marjolein said...

5 Months, it's been really long.
I really hope your call will be soon!

The smile on my face got bigger and bigger, with reading you blog :)

Big hug!