My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, September 26, 2008

You may have noticed...

..That i added a playlist.

This was the joint effort/brain child of myself and Meghann earlier this aft. Carefully crafted, it was contrived as a team; an act of reciprocity between us as i gave her my recipe for Scottish Scones in turn for deets on how to add a playlist. It almost failed b/c i was using my mother's laptop, which hates my fingers and thus greatly hinders my ability to spell correctly when i talk to people (thus making me unable to get messages across to other people clearly). It's not that i can't type; it's that the laptop doesn't like my fingers.

It may not be the 'best' music out there, but they are songs that hold great memories for myself! Of dance class mainly from high school. Any catchy song can be danced to, really.

Still on Tetracycline. Not doing anything. I just don't care anymore. I'll keep taking it tho for obvious reasons, but...fuck. Seriously?

I can't think of anything else to say other than this: i hope i get my call soon!

Any suggestions for other songs to add to the playlist??


Amy said...

You have some good songs on there! Me likey!!!!!!


don said...

hey bree, like the songs, heres some more...if you want:

Postal service - such great heights
Muse - starlight
MGMT - kids
30 seconds from mars - Attack
The killers - for reasons unknown
deathcab for cutie - I will follow you into the dark

Foo fighers - the pretender
Queen - dont stop me now (haha)
Tettix - Earths assault on the central AI
Prodigy - voodoo people (pendulum mix)

dont know if you'd like any of those, but heres to taking a chance....hope you get your lungs soon!


Alice said...

Wow!!! Me wants one too me thinks... what abt:

(2am)Breathe by Anna Nalik? I listened to that a lot while waiting 4 lungs!!!

Alice said...

Btw Don, I also like that Postal Service song, found it on the Greys Soundtrack, season1... And most of The Killers' stuff.

Matt Todd said...

Dump the madonna, dickless chicks and spears and its pretty good.

Bree said...


You're an ass, Matt.