My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, August 4, 2008

Week 1

It's been a week since i woke up feeling like i've been shot, and still the pain exists - in the exact same spot as it originated. Still in my upper right lobe, front and back. I'm not taking as much Motrin (just one when i wake up - no point taking any before i go to sleep since i'll be sleeping and won't feeling any pain.) I know that if i stop taking the Motrin the pain will come back horrendously and i'll be fucked. My friend Jess is getting married this coming Saturday, and me being awesome, am a bridesmaid. No one wants to be a bridesmaid in pain. No one wants to be a bridesmaid who suffer from a horrible bout of pleurisy.

It sounds like an STD.

"I have pleurisy. Stay away from me."

You get my point. We'll see how i fare this week.

Since Friday i've had no appetite, and i've had the chills. I go from feeling internally freezing and like my joints are painful, to feeling suddenly like a blazing clay pot. Then i feel fine. Since Thursday i've eaten 4 Mars bars tho. I got weighed on Weds and was 42 kilos, which is 92 lbs. Not incredibly cool. While it's a fairly normal weight for me, I know that if i get any lower than this i'll relive the summer i had last year, where i couldn't put any weight on and was so thin that it hurt to sit. I don't want that to happen. But having no appetite's complicated. Oh well. I will be fine.

Um what else? I just made some Honey Mustard salad dressing, which will aptly be drizzled on the lettuce that i just plucked from my veggie garden. Yes my garden. Technically, it is mine and my sisters, but since she didn't contribute to physically putting the veggies in, i'm hesitant to hand any ownership regarding such matters to her. Also, I don't have much ownership myself, save for the fact that i admire the garden and it's flourishing behaviour. Truth be told, my dad planted it and i watched, b/c i couldn't follow the instructions properly on the seed packets and i couldn't breathe hunched over, and my dad eventually got fed up with me and did it. So really it's his...

But it's mine in my heart.

So i hope the salad is amazing.

What else? It was a year ago that my uncle Gary died up at the cottage. It's hard to beleive it's been a year since he left the earth. He was a great guy and no doubt he's greatly missed by everyone. As my aunt humerously put it yesterday when she called (my uncles wife), "Leave it to Gary to die on a long weekend so we wouldn't forget."

Put like that, I'm glad he left in his radical style. With grace, and a smile, and whole lotta humour.

That's about it for now....I'm sure everyone is itching to get their dirty hands on my salad. We'll see how it goes.


Amy said...

LOL I can picture your skinny ass (I had no idea you were so freaking thin girl!) bent over huffing and puffing trying to plant!!!! You probably look alot like me when I am trying to buckle my shoes in the morning...which way to bend so the most air gets to your lungs (and then only for a second or two because it hurts when O2 stops getting to your blood).

I hope that the pain starts to subside so you can enjoy your friends wedding! And I am hoping there are pictures!! :)


The Yorkshire Rambler said...

Just breezed into your blog again. Hope you enjoyed the salad :)

Praying that you get your tx soon!

drained in sj said...

I hope you get some penicillin for that pleurisy. The way you write is so unique. I always hope for good news, but I love reading your blog. Feel better.

Candi said...

Hope you had an amazing salad that your taste buds enjoyed fully. Sorry to hear your still in pain from the pleurisy, I had it and it really is painful. Hope you feel much better so you can have fun at the wedding! I like reading your blog, the way you write is entertaining.