My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not much

I had a dream lastnight that i broke my leg and it had to be stapled back on. I remember looking down and seeing my thigh (which was significantly larger than it actually is) and marvelling at the mangeled staple work of whoever did it. The area was numb, and it didn't hurt to touch them, but i remember the it felt itchy and the skin was dry. Other than that, you couldn't tell that my leg had broken off - or whatever happened to it.

I've also seen 2 bunnies the last 2 days in a row - the same bunny- sitting on a sidewalk that goes through a feild of tall grass, munching away. Karyn must be sending me signs still...and i always know when they're from her and when they're just there b/c they are. I know they're signs b/c my eyes fall onto the bunnies, i never have to search for them...i just look somewhere and there it is in my line of sight. It's comforting.

Other than that there really isn't much to report. Not much is happening in my neck of the world. It's hot again and i felt like i was suffocating today from the humidity but i love it. I made Scottish Scones yesterday and they're all gone b/c i live with a bunch of greedy pigs it seems. Also, I'm going to my nana and papa's tomorrow for lunch so i'm sure i'll come back with some crazy stories. We're having sandwiches so we'll see how it goes. Last time i had lunch at my nana and papas, my sandwich was flattened from fingers when it was getting made. Oh nana I do love you.

Started new pill called Syprax. It's an antibiotic but also combats phlegminess (allegedly) So far it's not doing much of anything. I'm fully recovered after suffering from that horrible gastro test last week, but I can't help choking on pills whenever i take them b/c i think about the fact that i'm a 'weak swollower' with 'a small espophagus'. This knowledge makes for many choking incidents as of late, and I don't know whether this information helps or hurts me now.

Other than that, that's about it.

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