My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Are doctors people?

Of course not; they're like teachers: they're not real....they only exist when you see them and once you're gone they sink into a hole in the ground - an underworld of sorts - and that's where they exist. You don't see them in the real world outside of their natural habitat. If you do, that's just weird.

I was struck with this realization just now, as I watch Hopkins (the 6 part documentary about Hopkins Hospital) and they showed all this footage of the docs being people, doing things like socializing with eachother, laughing, having fun, driving, that sort of stuff. And it's weird. They show their faults, their anger and frustration with their jobs, they show them being real and that's very frightening.

Like teachers, they're normal people. People who fuck up, people who eat and sleep, and they're people who hate other people (like myself). It was weird to for once witness a person aside from the doctor persona. You know?

Is it weird that i realize this? That i've finally established the mentality that doctors aren't some special species who don't go through what we do?? Is it weird that these so called 'normal' people actually do go through a Grey's Anatomy kind of lifestyle?

Am i making sense?

Probably not.


Alice said...

Wait untill you actually become friends WITH your doc... then it's a WHOLE different story, lol!

Dragonfly said...

Doctors are very normal, flawed human beings, who can on occasion be very abnormal...