My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, June 27, 2008

Nuffin' new

There is nothing new to report honestly. I am still here, waiting. I'm more relaxed now that i've adopted a new mantra - I guess. I'm not worrying and thinking all the time, and i feel better. I know i need to stop checking the Trillium site all the time to see how many tx's are done, b/c while it is exciting, it makes me compare my status to everyone else's which i can't do. I need to stop thinking about this.

Today I went and got my regular IV's. Two pokes and that was it. Arms are a bit sore but that's nothing new. Didn't need to pay for parking b/c my pass for rehab works at this hosp too - wee!

Have begun reading a new book called Outlander by Diana Gabledon. So far it's fantastic. Katey recommended it to me and it's an entire series, so i am looking forward to getting completely lost in it over the summer.

That's it for now. I will update when something interesting happens. Which it prob won't. Oh well.

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Jennifer said...

I hear that series is really good. It's on my "to read someday" list.