My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, June 29, 2008

2 months

2 months and I'm still listed! Gone by fast but gone by slow. All in all, very weird. My sister just signed her organ donor card...very weird but very good. It's odd, b/c in my family there is one in need of an organ...yet we've never discussed the topic of organ donation and being donors ourselves. Sometimes i feel like we beleive it will never happened to us...even though a lot of things that people beleive will never happen to them has. I was honoured and happy that my sister wanted to get one, I even signed as a witness. She told me she'd been wanting to get a card for a while but didn't know where to. Fair enough; I told her i got 5 at the hospital b/c they hand them out like candy. It strikes me as funny b/c when the things that 'don't happen to you' are happening, part of you tries to rationalize that your situation is different. Some how.

Today was good. I lazed around reading my book, getting lost in the 18th century lives of Claire Beauchamp and Jamie MacTavish. I cannot wait for this book to get dirty. Fucking let it happen already. I'm sick of reading of middle aged castle shit. I'm sorry, but it's true. Still...I cannot wait to read the entire series. While i was reading I also baked Banana Bread/Loaf. It's fantabulous. As well, since I'm a multitasker, I watched Jurassic Park on TV. Actually, I watched 7 straight hours of Jurassic Park goodness b/c they should the first one and the second. Go me.

My sister scored a new, free Blackberry by trading in her own phone. She walked away with it w/o paying a cent (save for the warranty and something else) and only has to pay $60 for like a year or something. I don't know if that's a good deal or not. Math was never my forte. It never will be. This is why I don't do deals. I admit that i'm insanely jealous. While there's nothing wrong with my phone, little sister can't help but feel left out. I felt especially so when my mum and sis were comparing their Blackberry's tongiht, and at one point i felt like I was caught in the middle of some underground mission when my sister began speaking slowly and quietly into her phone as my mum walked throughout the house seeing if she could hear her. I felt like a spy overhearing something i've been sent to find; better yet, i felt like a child listening in on a naughty conversation. It was real; I wondered if it wasn't.

What else? Yesterday I undertook the huge task of cleaning my room. I had the grand idea that i'd put my clothes away, then dust, then vaccume. It was funny and it seemed like the plan would be executed, until i bent over to pick up the End-Dust and got incredibly dizzy and out of breath.


Mission only partially completed. Needed much oxygen, many breaks, and no vaccuming.

Oh's only temporary. My time will come soon enough.

That's it for now peeps. Hope you're well!

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