My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, June 23, 2008

Chillen' with Frank

I’m sitting here today, on this muggy Monday afternoon, fresh from rehab and chillen’ with Frank. I don’t think I’ve told you this yet, but I’ve named my new blue portable. It’s Frank – Frank the Tank.

A heavy little SOB he is, he fits nicely in my cart and did wonders for me today at rehab, as I didn’t have to stress myself out lugging around a big O2 tank over my shoulder. I’m very happy with the cart and with him. So far he’s doing well. I am actually still wearing the O2 as I am having trouble breathing today. Aye to humidity.

I had to pull over on my way to rehab this aft, as it was pouring rain so hard that there was 0 visibility. Had I not stopped and driven a mere 10 feet more, I would have gotten out of the rain band and been fine. All afternoon we’ve had heavy downpours, there are severe thunderstorm warnings out everywhere, so it’s better to just stay inside. The sky looks like it’s filled with freshly popped popcorn actually, but the sudden violent downpours are quite shocking. I’m glad the Red Rocket made it through!

Since the weather’s been pretty iffy the last couple of days, there was a tornado in London last nigh, one in TO today, it’s all people are talking about (I admit as Canadians talk about the weather a lot b/c ours changes all the time). As a result, this prompted the people who run rehab to discuss having a tornado drill. Lori, the rehab lady, suggested that we should cram into a bathroom ‘or something’, and an old man who attends rehab (he must be about 85) suggested that instead, “Let’s just stand at the windows so when the storm breaks them we can get the hell out.” It was pretty hysterical how he said it, and I’ve laughing about it ever since.

Rehab was good today, the usual, saw Bob, Carol, and everyone else. Bob and I discussed how much we hate the stairs, and at one point I had been standing at them for so long that Bob looked over at me and I finally said, “Well…I guess I should tackle this son of a bitch” and he started to laugh, which made me feel slightly bad b/c he had just caught his breath.

I feel pretty disgusted (mildly) with myself lately. Last night I was inspired by my friend Jess to buy some Sour Patch Kids, so I did, and I ate them all. What seemed like a good idea at the time has proven to not be such a good idea anymore. To make matters worse, I’m currently snacking on nachos and dip with lemonade that has iced tea in it. I should probably stop eating like this at some point….

Maybe now….now that I’ve just dropped a chunk of salsa on my carpet.


Alice said...

Yes, sour food is dangerous!!! At least you've got exciting weather, here it's pretty boring. Prob the safest weather country in the world...

walkingbyfaith said...

I'm in Texas and as they say "if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes." Seriously though, it can be raining one day, then sunny and 100* the next. It's crazy.

I'm a junk food-aholic. mmmm...nachos sound so good right now! :)