My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Come soon

It's hot again.

It was 26 today and it stormed and on Friday it's gonna be 31 with a humidex of 37*C. While i love the humidity and the hotter the better, i felt like utter shit today. I feel so lethargic; have headaches galore, and i keep getting dizzy spells. Right before we got a storm tonight, i got a huge dizzy spell sitting down and then lightning came a crack of thunder.....It must've been the pressure dropping but it was crazy.

I hope i get my call soon.

For those not in Southern Ontario, our summers are hot and very humid and I know how i felt last summer, so i can't imagine how i'll feel this summer. I definately think the extreme tiredness i feel is attributed to the heat and humidity. I guess only time will affirm this postulation.

(i'm so smart eh? look at that....'postulation').

I will be finished Tobi on Sunday. I can't beleive a month is almost up! I'm still tight from it and i'm STILL phlegmy so when I'm done the Cipro and if I'm still like this, I wil call my doc or the tx center and let them know that the meds have done squat. I'm so phlegmy that when we saw SATC on Friday I laughed so hard that i foamed at the mouth. And i didn't foam rabies foam it was all the phlegm bubbling up from my lungs. How disgusting and embarassing. I hate it.

I put all my pills in their little pill holdy case yesterday. There are so many that I could barely get Mon, Weds, and Friday closed. I pushed and rearranged the pill placement and finally my persistence paid off and i got the lids closed.

My precious Heidi Spiedi slept in my room lastnight. I'm pretty sure she smells like egg b/c after she had been in here for a bit my room began to stink up, and i'm pretty sure that I don't smell like egg so i'm pretty sure it was her. Her head always smells (what with the sleepers in her eyes and the constant stream of drool from her mouth...and the crap in her ears)but alas I still love her and maul her dispite all of her unpleasantries (is that a word?). We spent some time before bed cuddling on the holding her like a baby...her on her side, putting her paws on my face. At one point to punched her paw into my jugular and I'm pretty sure she pushed. She tried to kill me and failed, but i still held her, and she kept drooling, and it was great. Earlier we were outside and she was mashing her face into the grass and eating it. She looked like a turtle.

Anyways that's enough of my random babble. I have nothing to talk about honestly.

Not now anyways.

Hopefully soon!


Alice said...

cats... you gotta love them...

Gizela said...

Lots of prayers for your call! Thinking about you lots - stay strong as you are.
Sunshine from SA.

Dragonfly said...

I hope you get your call soon as well. *Hugs and prayers*