My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ooh eeeeeee ooh ahh ahh....

Anyone who's seen My Girl should know that.

Anyone who grew up in the 90's should know that - regardless of if you've seen it.

Anyone who rode their bike as a kid and sang while riding their bike should know it.

Anyone who played baseball/softball/t-ball even should know that!

And i hope you're singing this for the rest of the day/night and forgetting the rest of it as I have....except I'm pretty sure near the end of the song is a 'walla walla bing bang'.

Go Veda (Thomas J 'he needs his glasses! He can't see w/o his glasses!'.

Um anyways....

So i had rehab at TGH today. I had a Spriometer test (a really really short breathing test) at 10:15am, and surprise surprise, my FEV1 (Forced Expiratory Volume, or, the amount of air u can blow out in one second) came out at .6L or 30% for those who don't understand L and who feel lost and ashamed and violated when someone throws in a L measurement and you felt dumb b/c you don't understand.

That would be me.

So i maxed my lung capacity out at 30%. Not surprising. I also found out that next week I have to go to TGH on Mon for an 8:30am appt called a Gastric Emptying Test - or something, and I can't eat from midnight on. At this test they will fry me up and egg and put poison or 'iodine' as they told me, in the egg, and I will eat it and they will take pics of my stomach at 30 minute intervals over the course of an hour and a half. This will be done to see how i digest food. After that i need a heart burn test, where a tube is down ur throat for 24 hours and see if u get reflux.


Lately it seems like everyone is getting my name wrong. Saying it, spelling it, or getting the whole name wrong all together. Today I was called into my spiro test as "Brian"; I've also gotten, "Breanna", "Breye-anne" "Lianne", and someone got my last name wrong which beats me how they'd do that. Have I got a speech impediment or something or are people just that fucking stupid? Honestly. When i told someone my name was 'Bree' this is how it went:

"What's your name?"





"Yes - like the cheese (you fucking idiot)."

"With an i?"

"No, with 2 ee's"

"Oh....that's pretty"


"Is that short for anything?"



And that's when i'm tempted to get up and walk away.

And then turn around and smack the shit out of that person.

What else? In reference to the title today, that song is done with an accompanying foot dance which consists of jumping as if you've stepped on something hot. But in my case, this foot dance is done to prevent yourself from scratching the numerous mosquito bites that have somehow accumulated on your feet/bottom of your toes. I didn't know I had any till tonight....and when one decides to itch, the rest of them do too...and luckily I was armed with Allegra (with anti-histimamines!) and i've been good and not scratched since I took it! Had i not taken it i'd be up all night scratching, cursing the topical ointment anti-scratcher cream i put on before bed....b/c it expired and i just chose to ignore it like i usually do.

It's getting hot and humid. It's gonna be 27*C and feel like 33*C tomorrow...and Friday is gonna feel like 40*C....FOURTY DEGREES CELCIUS! I'm getting horrible headaches and am horribly out of breath as i feel the plume of humidty drift into Southern Ontario...suffocating us all. Luckily this year I'm armed with 75 feet of oxygen tubing and a concentrator which i'll most likely be hooked up to all weekend long b/c if Monday was any idicator, i simply cannot breathe in humidity this year. I've maxed myself out.

That's about all for now. I have a headache above my left eyebrow...prob a blocked sinus or polyp.

Will ignore until it becomes problematic.



Dragonfly said...

Hope it all goes ok. Egg with iodine, the only thing worse than egg by itself.

Gizela said...

Dear Bree!
I'm not sure how to express myself...mmmm....t h i n k i n g .... I don't have CF and have no idea how it must feel, but from reading your blog (and others) I can see that you need the courage of a bear. And you have this wonderful ability of sharing your pain/frustrations/happiness/ups and downs with us...and you make it sound so easy. And I know it couldn't be easy, but you make it sound so anyway. You are so encouraging, uplifting and such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing this with the world, and reminding me of how lucky and blessed I am. Keep up the humor and laughs. Know that I'm praying for your new lungs and I know they will get here soon, because you must take part in the transplant olympics next year!
Take care, love from SA

Matt Todd said...

Oh, the heart burn test sucks. They initially wanted to do the one with the tube down my throat. But i kept gaging when they were trying to put it in and so they couldn't do that one. So i had to some back the next day and they were going to put in this little wireless one that is the size of a pill. They sedated me for that one, and i don't really remember much of that, so it wasn't too bad. But apparently the pill thing broke loose pretty quickly after it went in and the test was not successful. Luckily they didn't make me do it again. The worst part of the whole thing was that i ended up not being able to take my heard burn med for about a week, which was rather unpleasant.

And by the way, you crazy Canadian, you need to stop using celsius. Us lazy Americans don't have enough ambition to convert it to something we understand. So you should just report your temperatures in fahrenheit.

Alice said...

No dammit Todd, stop being lazy!!! Keep up the celcius Bree, easy for us South Africans to understand.. It's weird, I didn't have to do any of those digestive tests... YAY. They only wanted a stool (GROSS, I know) sample, and that was it...

Bree said...

Aha Alice pooped in a cup

Candi said...

Good luck with the gastric empty study test. I had that done 2x. Each time they let me mix salt and pepper in the egg and let me have one swallow of water to wash it down. The table I laid down on was hard and after laying on it for so long without moving, its hard to get back up! You don't taste the iodine stuff that they put in the egg.

Candi said...

Oh, and I couldn't do the heartburn, acid reflux test because I kept gagging and they couldn't get the tube down. So they gave up and I didn't have it done.