My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I am le sick:(

With what I don't know....but I've been on Tobi for a week and it's done squat. On top of that I am on my 'all the time' antibitics, Septra and Zithro. Apparently, I will need an army to uphold these lungs - like a crappy sagging fort that's wilting in the rain.

It was my sister who pointed out to me that I sounded like I was getting sick - again. Joy of all joys. I do have a 'script for Cipro (never been on that and havent exhausted it either - yet!) so...I think like the smart human being that I am that I will wait until Friday to see if things have simmered down before calling in the Cipro.

I am doing well other than that. Heart is mending after the sudden departure of McIntern but I will get over it. He is a person too (not like a celebrity who, as we all know, aren't) and I hope that the rest of his endevours go well. If our paths cross in the future, great, but lets hope I don't make a spectacle or fool out of myself.

So far I don't think I have but I still worry.

That's it for now.

I think.




Alice said...

O no Bree!!!! I'm so sad for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Septra and Zithro ---

Those are NOT fun meds. Septra is a son of a Oh I can't say that.

You don't know me, but Alice sent me over hear reading all about McIntern. No more hot McIntern. :( Sniffles.

Sorry about your infections. Hopefully those lungs will come for you soon just like Alice (and Tricia)