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Friday, May 16, 2008

The Last (Supper)

Today was Friday which meant rehab which means that I SAW McINTERN! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mum came with me b/c i was under the impression that at 11:30 I was meeting Dr. Eric Clapton to sign some forms (aptly called End of Life forms incase I die - which will never happen b/c i'm immortal) and I found out it's a lie: we got together to discuss what to do if i come close to dying.

Fucking liar. Geeze.

But you guys don't care about that - you want to hear about McIntern and I shall elaborate.

He looked completely gorgeous today. No scrubs, just black pants and a black dress shirt topped with 100% gorgeousness. His hair appeared straighter than it's usual waviness, but he was still sexy and delicious nonethless. And i managed to look good too, except after lunch i was bloated and had the farts really bad, and I even had to escape the room at one point so i could fart 10lbs out of my ass and resume looking relatively good on a treadmill.

There wasn't much socializing today b/c he was doing paperwork, which gave me ample staring time. And stare and stare I did. When i was on my last rehab thing for the day, he came and talked to me for like 10 minutes straight when I was on the treadmill. TEN MINUTES OF COMPLETE GORGEOUSNESS, FLIRTING, LAUGHING, EVERYTHING BUT MAKING BABIES PERFECTNESS. He was so close and so gorgeous that I could smell him and I probably died a little on the inside from happiness.

"I feel like I haven't seen you much this week!" he said.
"I know! Where were you Weds? I saw you a little bit but then you disappeared!"
"I actually had to go to a patient on the general floor and it took a lot longer than I thought. I noticed when I reviewed your chart that you took a break while you were on the bike the last time. Are you feeling ok?"
*melts* "...The usual....i'm a little tight b/c I started a new med"
*deep brown eyes fill with concern* "Oh that's not good...well, I've set new goals for you...I want you to be walking on the treadmill at level 2..."
"You're trying to kill me"
*laughs* "No, I think you can do it; and I also want you to lift 4lb weights instead of 2"
"I thought I was supposed to stay the same the whole time"
"Well no I set new goals for you."
"And you're just telling me now....Shouldn't I consent to these goals before you set them?"
*laughs* "That's why I'm telling you now"
"We'll see what I can do"

I decided to change the subject.
"So are you in school all year around?"
"Yea...I actually go back Tuesday...I feel so weird not wearing my scrubs!"
"I noticed! Why aren't you wearing them?"
"I handed them in: today's my last day."


"OH NO! How come?" *trying to not be completely obvious that i'm crushed*
"B/c the internship is up...and now I go back."

And that's when the world ended. I had 3 minutes left on the treadmill and I got to spend it with him, but I am happy that they were spent with him. I am crushed; I am saddened, but I got a chance to say goodbye and that I wished him well when I left. And i flashed him a huge smile on my way out.

"Goodbye, I love you!" I whispered/yelled when I was in the hallway with my mum. She laughed. Oh i'm so sad - no one knows how sad I am:( I cannot beleive I am this in-love with an intern! But somehow, I know our paths will cross again someday. I just know it and I feel it.

I didn't get a picture of him, I didn't get his email nor did I give him mine. We both have facebook and hopefully he will find me and add me. My heart is heavy. Woe is me.


I will admit though that when I was on the treadmill I could feel the hotness radiating from his body and felt a real connection with him - like maybe that he actually likes me and has a crush on me, and that he's sad that he's leaving.

Do not worry my readers, for I have a plan up my sleeve for Tuesday. There is another intern at rehab whom I am friends with, and I plan on confessing my love for him to her and I will either give her my email to give to him (i hope she knows it or at least knows something!) and if not...I know what uni he goes to and where it is! At least I am in the same city as him 3 times a week....

He will always know where to find me.....And i honestly hope that he does.

Day 15 of being listed.

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Anonymous said...

hey bree.heard about your blog via alice.been read about mcintern,really funny.just shitty that he time just push him against the wall and start making out.=) really hope it works out 4 u later! Donald,south africa