My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Day that Just got Worse

So not only did I miss my fucking bus this morning, my day was completely horrible.

So first thing first: i miss my intended bus like an asshole. This means no McIntern at the meeting.

I get into TO - late, which means I miss the meeting all together. As i step off the bus at the station, the driver motions to me that it's ok to walk out, so I do...and this is when I almost got hit by a Greyhound bus.

I wanted to cry.

I make my way down the street and need to stop twice. My chest is burning with pain. I stop in front of Sick Kids and this woman smiles at me. I'm sitting on the bench with my O2 beside me and what does she do? She lights a cigarette which aptly blows in my direction. I wanted to smack her face off.

So i walk to TGH - mad, angry, sad, tired. I eat lunch which i don't have any appetite for. The time comes to go up to rehab so i spirits begin to elevate at the thought of McIntern.

Sometimes he's late and i expect that....i began to exercise and he wasn't there...but he did show up. When i dropped something on the floor I caught him for a brief second but not long enough to make eyecontact. I heard something about have to go down to the main floor...and alas, that was it...

There was no McIntern today. There was no McEye Contact; there was no McFlirt; there was no McNaughty....There was no McAnything.

I am le sad.

So to add to missing my bus, almost getting hit by a bus, having no appetite, not seeing McIntern, and everything else, ppl stared at me all day and my O2 tubing got caught on just about everything.

I hate today.

I fucking hate everything.

I hope Friday shapes up to be better.


Alice said...

Oh Bree that really is unbelievably horribly shit. But maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder, and not really seeing you today makes him realise that he misses you and can't live without you...

Dragonfly said...
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Dragonfly said...

I cannot believe that lady!!!! Sitting there destroying her own lungs, then ignoring your O2 and polluting your air as well. Grr.