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Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'll shave my legs just in case you touch them...

I shaved my legs today for tomorrow's rehab excursion...just in case McIntern for some reason has to touch and/or look at them and/or perform all of the above. It'd be pretty embarassing if i went to rehab and had hairy legs and he touched them can imagine the mortification i would feel if that occured.

There are countless reasons why McIntern would touch my legs: 1) i DO have an issue with my knee cap snapping at the top when i extend it. It happens to both actually and it's quite annoying and borderline painful. When it happens tomorow (b/c it always does) i'll point it out; 2) incase i pull a muscle somewhere. Why? I dunno really...why not?

So far those are the only two reasons why he would touch my legs....that and of course if he sees me doing something wrong with my legs and has to show me how to properly do it. That's acceptable. It's also more the reason to go to rehab and look better than everyone else.

Yesterday I went shopping. I bought 2 shirts that are perfectly acceptable to wear to rehab. I bought them with McIntern in mind but also for myself b/c they are comfy casual and stylish. I look forward to wearing them and showing them biggest fear is that this crush o' mine will get out of hand and McIntern will not like me back "in that way". How horrible would that be? I mean i'd get over it and have to accept it but craaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. I am trying to not think about it but i am aware that it is a possibility.

Today is Mothers Day. Happy Mothers' Day, mum. I should be down stairs with the fam jam but once again nana and papa are over (which is fine) but like always they're watching golf and it's pretty fricken boring. No alligators today on the golf course, and my papa has yet to refer to Zoey as a hermaphrodite.

So far the day is going well.

Also, I heard my aunt and uncle have 'like 10 frogs' in their pond at their place, so I plan on sending someone out there to capture one or two for me. I myself am a mother - even if it's not to any human babies. I have my cats, Heidi and Zoey, and I am also the greiving mother to my late amphibian son Howard who sadly lost his life in a tragic pond accident.

That's it for now. More shanannigans tomorrow. Promise.

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Alice said...

Can't wait... holding my (excellent) breath...