My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Almost Encounter

Today I complained to McIntern about the snapping that occurs above my kneecap. He said that after I was done rehab he might have to look at it. Hearing this, i felt like an absolute genius to shaving my legs last night. Well, unfortunately he was busy after rehab and I didn't want to bother him so the contact will have to wait until Weds - which is ok, b/c I see him Weds in the morning AND the afternoon. Woo.

There were no Stupid New People today and no Stupid New Interns to be bothered with, but he kind of floated about which was ok. Sometimes it's ok that he's not with me the entire time b/c i find some exercises embarassing - like squatting and needing to stick your ass like you have to fart. He came and checked on me every so often and I made him laugh a whole, which felt great. He told me i should go a little faster on the treadmill b/c i didn't look like i was having issues, so when i bumped the number up one he bumped it up another, and i told him that when he comes back and checks my sats and sees that they're low, I'll know who to blame. And sure enough after 5 minutes when he came back they were low, and I pointed and said, "Look what you did" and he laughed and it was completely sexual.

I couldn't fall asleep lastnight and alas i am tired today. Plus my chest has felt tight all day. McIntern was up late as well, I found out, playing hockey with beer buddies which was why he was tired. I should have presented him with the option of us sneaking out and finding a room to 'rest' but that would have been a little obvious. At least there's Weds where he will have the chance to touch my leg - so we'll see.

I was sad to leave and not say good bye directly to him, but at the same i don't want to be completely obvious that i think he's incredibly hot so he'll have to wait till Weds to see me. I have a good feeling about this.

And that is all I am disclosing.

I wore my new shirt today. It was ok...but i'm worried it looks more like a maternity shirt than something sexy. Also, i think my deodorant is utter crap b/c i certainly reeked today and it was awful. Plus, the back of my arms look fat. Must deal with that appropriately and get deodorant that does its job. I hate when deodorant does the complete opposite and makes you smell like you crawled out of a swamp or that someone shat in your armpits. Ugh.

Wednesday it's supposed to be warm and I shall wear my new work out capri pants. And i will shave my legs tomorrow night no matter how little hair has grown back.

I must be prepared.

Day 13 of being listed!


Alice said...

after almost waking my dad from laughing, I myself am rather awake now after your hilarious post!!! Holding thumbs for Wednesday!!!!

Matt Todd said...

You know, doing squats in front of him could be a good thing. Could give him a good mental image of where to place himself beneath you when your almost encounter becomes a real encounter. Watching a girl do squats or other exercises can be rather erotic if you're into her. Watching her contort into all sorts of interesting positions can put all kinds of ideas in a guys head.