My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, May 29, 2008

1 month..

...and I'm too fucking lazy to even post about it.

By 1 month I mean to say that i've been listed for 1 month. Go me.

Since last Friday, my center has done 4 lung tx's: one last Fri, one over the weekend, one on Tues, and one on Weds. How awesome. Way to go to ppl who consent to be donors, and way to go to those donors who actually keep themselves healthy enough to have their consented organs actually donated and used. You rock. A surgeon at the support meeting the other day said that for every 5 donors, only 1 has lungs which are suitable for donation....and he said before even 1 person gets 'the call', they go through about 4 potential donors. And we wonder why we wait. It's marvelous and i relish the honesty of doctors.

What have I been up to you ask? Pretty much nothing. I test called my pager today and was thrilled to see that it's still functioning. I had my IV and was thrilled to only receive 1 poke and even shocked at when blood came gushing out. The weather is gorgeous and I finished my book: The Other Boleyn Girl, and now I'm completely and utterly obsessed with Medieval times and lifestyles. If i could live in a stone castle and be merry and reign a country, i would.

What else??? I feel pretty brain damaged b/c I can't seem to remember anything. My lungs are still 'ill' and i get out of breath a lot more but what else is new? I had a lot of funny stuff to post but my brain failed to remember what it was. I know that when I sign out I'll remember.

Seems like once again ppl have to bring up the future and school and jobs and getting their MA's. When i ordered Grant to stop talking to me about moving out of his parents house b/c i am poor and jobless and am afraid to finish school for fear I will never get a job Jenna echoed my sentiments in that talk of the future (with respect to jobs and being financially stable) is 'depressing' and makes her feel like she's stuck in an 'effing bottomless pit'. Alas, I am not alone - though it's hard to not feel it.

Other than that I'm completely happy - though sometimes i have issues with expressing happiness. My friend is getting married on Sat and I am completely stoked. I am so excited and I sometimes wonder if this much excitement is really warrented since it's not my wedding. Oh well. I guess i'm just that much of an amazing friend.

ProResp sucks (again, with the negativity!). I called them saying i needed my liquid O2 filled (b/c they come to my city on Thurs) and asked if they had smaller nasal prongs. They said they'd look. But was there a delivery today? No. Did anything I ordered show up? NO.


What else?

There was something else but my brain has failed me.

Oh yes....I was suppsed to call my old rehab place and sort out days to go down to them now since i've been listed for a month. And did I remember? No. I can't even find their phone number.

I'm so irresponsible sometimes.

Anyways that's it. I need to sleep and nurse w/e nasty infection is refusing to self-destruct at the hands of antibiotics in my lungs.

Oh well.


Alice said...

I also want to live in a stone castle and dress all pretty every day. Only bummer is that they didn't do tx's then... I'd pretty much've been dead by the time I was 6... My nasal prongs used to hust me and sometimes made my nose bleed. Never managed to get smaller ones from VitalAire though. (the SA version of ProResp... the names these people choose, honestly...)

Matt Todd said...

When I've had the problem with nasal prongs being too long i just too a scissors and cut them down a bit. Usually worked out well.