My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Two Girls Who Had a Dream

World Transplant Games, August 22-30, 2009, Gold Coast Australia.

What do you say, Alice? Should we do it?

Like I told you, this is our ticket to really experience LIFE.

We've been couped up with lung disease for how long, not able to do ANYTHING and THIS is our ticket to meet eachother and THIS is out ticket to live our dream of LIVING.

And even better - it falls the week of our b-days! (August 23(moi) August 31(Alice)).

What do you say, Alice?? What do you say!?? WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

(lets hope i'm tx'd by then!)

Hope this doens't shock my parents - whom i don't think know I blog (my sis does tho) far it's just an idea but it's a damn good one!


Alice said...

It's more than a good idea... it's EXCELLENT!!!!! Go us!!!!!!!!

Matt Todd said...

hmm, seems to me like you'd need to get new lungs first. Hopefully that would happen really soon. We have about a month down. I guess the odds just continue to increase as time goes on.

Gizela said...

Alice is a friend of mine and I say: YOU GO GIRLS!
Taking part in the Transplant Olimpics is the best idea ever.
I'll be your number one supporter!

Kira said...

Sounds like a brillant idea! What makes it extra cool as I live under an hour away from the Gold Coast so I would definatly want to go watch. The Gold Coast is so nice all year around. Good luck.