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Saturday, May 31, 2008

On Your Wedding Day....


Today is your wedding day. In 12 hours you'll be standing behind the church doors, waiting for them to open so you can walk down the aisle to your (as of now, almost) husband. Your friends (me being one of them) will be sitting in the audience, trying not to cry, but as I sit here and type this out, just thinking of your happy day and how long you've waited for it, i find myself fighting the urge to start crying.

I guess this entry is a longer version of the card I'll give you. And you know me, I don't just write a card, I write a novel, and this entry provides you with all the memories and stupid things that aren't appropriate to put on a wedding card to a couple on their happy day.

We've been through a lot since we met in high school, in Drivers that mouldy old, nasty classroom. It's been even longer since we mocked the annoying teacher ("Hand over hand over hand") and longer still since we compared notes on the in-car instructor. I remember the summer where we hung out every day and I bitched about my terrible job as a student painter. When i quit you helped me throw all my painting shit over my bosses front lawn, and you happily took the picture of you and me in the front seat of my car down my bosses street, as we extended our middle fingers into the air and proudly told her to fuck off. The pride and joy we felt at that moment was insurmountable: we weren't powerless. We were young (and we still are!) and we were fun and we were daring - and I hope that we remain that way.

I remember when we went to Wonderland as chaperones to your sister's camp thing. I love rides and thought I had a stomach of steel, but unfortunately I had milk that day and threw up before we even got on the rides. I remember when I threw up on the back of that ladies bare legs as we waited in line for The Italiant Job ride, and you laughed your ass off at me and it was great. I remember when you stood up on The Great Canadian Mind Muster when we were at the top and the ride stopped and a voice came over the speaker telling you to sit down. I think i still have that picture we took when we were on that ride. We rode it so many times, and it was great.

I also remember our great pet crusade, when we were determined to obtain and raise plenty of fish. I remember you bought yours and we got back to your house to discover that your then-current fish had died - he had died so bad that when you took it out of the tank with the fish net, he got stuck and when you finally flipped him over, his eye fell out of the socket. I can proudly say I still have my 2 fish from that day, Fishee and Fins, who reside in my tank with Goldie and FatFuck. Oh memories....they truely last a lifetime!

We've had our fights - trust me; you know they were awful. And we've had long periods when we didn't even speak, but somehow we always found our way back to eachother and resumed our friendship, and I am honoured to be attending your wedding tomorrow:)

For you and your husband, I would wish you a million years of health and happiness. I would wish that you two will love, honour, and respect for eachother for all eternity and that you'll have lots of babies. And above all, I would wish you much laughter and happy memories that you will never forget.

But you know what? I can't just sit here and say "I would" wish these things for you.

I will.

So Happy Wedding Day, Beka and Sean: I wish you all the best:)


BreathinSteven said...

That's truly beautiful, Bree... You made me cry, and laugh as you always seem to do...

I wish Beka and Sean the best too...



Marjolein said...


That is a truly wonderful gift that you gave to Beka and Sean, writing this.
It's really lovely

Big hug