My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rehab tomorrow: Physical Activity-->Swimming

Tomorrow they're throwing our decript asses into the pool to see what we're unable to do. I'm sure most of us we'll stand there and begin to mildly suffocate, while I myself plan on huffing and puffing and most likely pass out from the humidity. I don't see how you can wear oxygen into a pool - where most of us probably need us. I can't even get dressed w/o de-satting and getting dizzy, how the Christ am i supposed to stomp around in a pool?

All questions and horrible visions of what could happen aside, I have no choice but to soldier it up and do it. Superficially, at least i know i'll be the skinniest one there, and that's enough to give me great satisfaction. Too bad i'm the same age as my fellow rehaber's grandchildren who aren't partaking in the pool festivities.

Today i went to Old Navy (after i wrote my take home exam, so now i've got 3/4 exams done!) to get a bathing suit. I was gonna get a full-peice but they all gross and completely disgusting so i opted for a tankini. Pretty sure bikini's aren't appropriate for pulmonary rehab. I settled for brown. I probably look like a peice of shit with a pale band around the center. I don't care. We're not allowed to use lotion afterwards either, at least not scented. B/c my skin sucks and dries out upon getting wet (seriously) i'll have to stash my lotion in the car and cake it on when we're done. I hate chlorine b/c it makes me itchy. I can only imagine what tomorrow's pool shenanigans will bring.


So i made my dad put Howard back into the pond. Actually, when my friend asked what that 'abnormally large frog' was in my MSN display picture, I informed her that it was actually Howard and that he is normal sized, i just got a nice close up of him. She's a bio major and told me that they thaw according to water temp, so i stomped down the stairs and told my dad. He told me to go out and do it, so i did. I was afraid that moving him i would somehow kill him or he'd get crushed and she said, 'no, they're resilient little mo fo's' so i feel better knowing I or he won't kill himself.

So i picked up the pool collecter pole thing and put him in...and he wouldn't come off (b/c he dried out!) so i kind of had to bang the pole and he peeled off. He fell into the water on his back and stayed there, upside down, his brown freckled belly facing up, wrapped in a leaf. I stood there, worried i had killed him. I inspected the pole thing and he didn't lose any skin or anything so i know he's alive. If he had been decaying he would have lost chunks and bits of himself and he didn't, so i'm happy. I was afraid that if i turned him over i'd manage to kill him,but i tried to move him over to no avail. so i made my dad go outside and turn him over. He was not happy, but he doesn't think he's dead so i'm happy.

So that's it for today. I have to go watch TV.


Alice said...

Love you Bree, your blog's the best!!!!

Alice said...

And good luck with the 'swimming', I couldn't even stand still in my boyfriend's pool(the nasty ex) without being SOB and pannicking!!

Kira said...

Good luck in the pool, I managed to escape that part when I was in pain rehab. They were sadistic too, they seemed to think going on a treadmill, bike and lifting weights would cure any and all pain problems.

3-Putt said...

Hi Bree,
Good to see you're as irreverent as ever!! Sorry I haven't been keeping up with your blog or TXbuddies. It's wierd but I feel like an interloper on TXbuddies. I'm also pretty busy. Finally got my old job back. 2 years to the day my heart exploded and started this transplant journey. Continued best of luck to you and remember...FUCK THE FUCKING FUCKERS!!
Tom Cron

Jennifer said...

This is probably the same way I would be if I had a thawing frog, but I cracked up so hard at the fact he got stuck. Although it's a few days later, I hope swimming wasn't completely horrible, but yeah, "pulmonary rehab" shouldn't be "gasping for oxygen because even the rehab ppl are denying you O2".