My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Went to Toronto Today

Before I begin, the Titanic sank 96 years ago yesterday, April 15, 1912, and I hope you all remembered the way I did. And if you didn't - then you're a completely horrible person.

Lastnight I finished my last exam of 3rd year. Classes and exams are DONE and I am officially a FREE WOMAN.

I forgot to add that swimming at rehab honestly wasn't that bad. I actually enjoyed it. Yesterday we walked and i got bumped up on my O2 b/c on 2 liters my sats were 80% and my heartrate was 150. Not cool. So i'm at 3 l/m now and i am getting switched to liquid tomorrow.

It is warming up and I am still waiting for Howard (my pond frog) to wake up. So yes, my day started bright and early. Woke up at 6am, didn't do physio or anything b/c i just don't care and i skipped along to the bus stop and caught the Greyhound to TO. Got in at 8 something so i snailed along, got a drink and waited for my appt with Dr. Eric Clapton. We sat down and I coughed a lot - really nice, phelgmy, "i'm-feeling-like-shart-today" kind of cough. We talked about how my quality of life was - that it's crap and it sucks - and that my PFTs bob between 27-34% which isn't much of a difference.

But that I'm not sick.

I told him that with my immune system problem, I don't want to be sick to the point that i'm on IVs and oral antibiotics. When i first got dx with this, i was sick for 6 months prior, and it took 3 weeks in hosp with 4 types of IV meds, 5 oral, and an additional year of sickness and antibiotics at home just to get rid of the infection.

Do i want to wait to get there again?

Is it wise to make an immune deficiant person like myself get to that point?

So i left and went to my other appt at Sick Kids. It was my regular appt. Apparently i went on the wrong day - my appt isn't till Apr 30th but regardless they saw me and told me how much they loved me, which i relished and doused myself in. Turns out my appt WAS today ( i found the card) and that they recored it wrong. I saw an immunologist who was in my room when I was 8 weeks old and getting my bone marrow tx. My mum told me they used to joke that he was my bf b/c i would apparently smile whenever i was told he was coming to see me. I'd frown at my dad b/c he had glasses which I guess scared me He was very very nice and we had some laughs, and he told me that I knew my stuff b/c i was asking great questions. I told him that maybe it worked out for the better that my bone marrow tx wasn't a total success, b/c rejection won't be a huge threat. he said that had it worked, i wouldn't be in this situation.

So i went for blood after that and rewarded myself with a pop, a bag of ketchup chips, and a mars bar.

With that i walked to the bus turminal and got on the bus home.

And that's it.

Oh yeah, did i mention that I'M GETTING LISTED!?!?!?!


Alice said...

YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! You're gonna have those new lungs in no time!! Then you're gonna be an active woman!!!! Then we can do the transplant olympics together!!! How do you feel about sprinting? I like the fast stuff....

Anonymous said...

Hello Bree!!
First of all I'd like to state that I'm a horrible person. Secondly, please keep updates on Howard. I love frogs and I hope he is okay. I'm from Florida and frogs do not go into hiberation down here, so I'm concerned. Third, congrats so much on being listed!! You'll get your lungs in no time!

-Kevin, Double lung tx 12-06, Tampa,FL

Anonymous said...

One more thing, ketchup chips? Is that a Canadian thing?


Anonymous said...

congrats on getting listed! it's really great! hope those lungs come VERY soon