My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Still no word

Still no word about how to treat this Aspergillus dealio - so it still rages on the inside. My lungs are probably rotting from the infection. Oh well.

Got my regular IV yesterday. 3 tries and 2 hours later the IV Team finally found a vein (yes, IV Team - they are real!) The IV Team lady, Helen, acts grumpy and like she doesn't give a shit but i know she likes me. She told me that if the nurses didn't try so hard, they'd tell my docs to start looking into getting me on a list to get a port in place. A port is a perminent catheter like thing in your chest cavity that can always been accessed for an IV or blood work at any time. It is ideal for people like myself who always have blood taken and get IVs. However, there has been a long debate about me+port b/c my immunologist at Sick Kids are against it while everyone is for it. To be honest, I am in favour for it. While not cosmetically appealing, it's practical and would save me a lot of pain and time. The next time I go to my immunologist I will mention this. Maybe I should start crying too.

Helen explained to me that people with immune system problems don't respond well to ports sometimes b/c the skin breaks down in the area and it's not a pretty sight. Regardless, I will keep pushing until they find a better way to deal with this. Helen told me my veins are 'horrible' and that it's high time something else gets done. However, the methods of placing IVs has advanced to the creation of numbing cream to numb the area, so that's kind of nice. It's a topical cream they put on the skin for about 10 minutes and it numbs the skin. It feels the same way your cheek does when you get a cavity filled. You know how when you touch your cheek with your hand, and your to your hand, your cheek feels plastic-y and you can dig your nail into it and feel the muscle and everything squish? That's what it feels like.

Currently I'm watching Titanic. I love this movie. Off-topic, but completely worth mentioning.

Today we're getting the "Biggest Snowstorm of the Season". About 30cm has fallen (6 inches). The snowbanks at the ends of our driveways are 6 feet high. It's rediculous. I hope this is the last of it b/c i'm banking on wearing sandles for Easter!

Tuesday I have my meeting with the Asthma Clinic/Respiratory Therapist/Whoever-the-hell-else they're making me see. I'm to be given manal physio (where they beat you) and some device called Acapella. They said my appt will be over an hour and a half. Fuck. I am determined to be miserable and unpleasant. I will let you know how that goes.

Thursday (the one we just had) i was getting ready to go to class when my car wouldn't start. I tried and tried and it wouldn't start. My parents were away in Mexico and getting back that night. Turns out the starter died which sucks, but at least it's fixed now and I have my car back. Weds night my car got stuck at the end of the driveway from the other snowstorm we got. There was so much snow that my car wasn't even on solid ground - it was literally hanging over the edge of the driveway on the snow. This winter has been so eventful my god...

That's about it for my gabbing. I've been useless and lazy this weekend for school. I must get back to it b/c the last week of March is busy busy busy for me.

Buh-bye for now.,

P.S. Turn your clocks one hour ahead tonight!

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