My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Where oh where has the Blog Blogess gone? Oh where oh where could she be????????

Me? I've been snatched up University and senteneced to days on end of school work, multi-paged assignments, and midterms. And just when one finishes, another begins. I've had 2 midterms in the last 2 weeks, 2 assignments, and got another take-home midterm handed to me to complete by next Thurs. Today i had an 8 paged paper was single space b/c if it was double it would have been 16. Soooooooo time consuming I spent 2 solid days on it. I hope my work is justified with a good mark!

Right now I am doing course selection for the fall. It's kind of bittersweet. Usually it's a huge pain in the ass but tonight, as I sit here, it's kind of sad knowing that in a year's time my university career will be coming to a close...My sister told me to take some courses that will benefit me and I will do just that. It wouldn't hurt to go see a Guidance Councelor either to make sure that I havent fucked myself.

It's weird though, b/c usually you have specific courses that you have to take in order to graduate from your program...but for 4th year there's 1. I feel lost. Like an abandoned child in the mall with nowhere to go and no one's hand to hold. I will make it through.

Welp, you may recall that I got a letter in the mail from a local center, and that the wait time was 9 months and how i was uber pissed? Well, I got a call from them yesterday and long story short, there was an opening and they wanted to take me. Great; cool - except that it starts NEXT Monday and is 8 weeks every Monday and Thurday afternoon for 2 hours. Well shit, i have class all day Thurs and it's a little late to rearrange my schedule and exams (with like, 3 weeks of classes left) so I'm not doing the rehab part. However, they DO want me to get a respiratory therapist (RT) and get manual physio (when they beat you) AND see an asthma clinic AND get ANOTHER RESPIROLOGIST. Oh yes, lets not forget that we'll have a fun little bit of "work up" tests which I have already completed at least a half dozen times since last year.

That's why i'm incredibly pissed off. I don't know WHY I need another respirologist when i already HAVE one in another city, and I don't know WHY I need another asthma doctor when I already HAVE one and I don't know WHY I need these 'work up' test since i've already them - RECENTLY!

I have a good idea of what this little 'work up' will be: PFTs, exercise test, ABG's. NO THANK YOU. I swear to god if i have to get an ABG i'm screaming like a 3 year old and vomitting on someone. And then I'll cry and make them feel bad for hurting me.

Just like any mature 22 year old would do.

*PS - I'm still sick with Aspergillus

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