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Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Belated Easter

I know, I know. I'm a horrible person for completely abandoning you guys for a week and 2 days. I'm sorry; I've been busy in a little institution called 'university'. Have you heard of it?'s a busy place. Thankfully, there's 2 more weeks of class left then adios, 'summer' is here.

I spent yesterday, Easter Sunday, frantically typing up notes so I could pass the book along to someone else. The book is for anthro and it's called Biology Unmoored. My task was to read 3 - read it, 3 - chapters, type the notes up, send them to 2 people, then pass the book to someone else so they could do the same. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, it was a good idea, and is a good idea, except for some reason, I took all the incredibly long chapters (each chapter I swear to god was roughly 35 pages) and it left me feeling bitter, frustrated, and full of rage. It was so fucking bored, I swear to god I took so many notes I have Carpel-Tunnel now.

I fucking hate this book.

Anyways, anger, bitterness, resentment aside, I finished, and now I'm about to begin work on my 15 page paper that's due on Sunday. I also have a midterm on Thurs and will spend Weds studying for it. Oy. yes, yesterday was Easter Sunday. Pretty standard. Had nana and papa over, and we - or rather, they, and mum - watched golf, as my sister, dad and I sat there like Zombies. At one point, my nana announced that she saw an alligator 'with spikes on its head' emerge from the water on the golf course. This then launched the family into a debate over what the difference between alligators and crocodiles on. My nana ended the discussion by informing us that alligators kill people.

There were 2 more outlandish statements made by my nana and papa at yesterdays Easter festivities to add to the Already Existing Book of Outlandish Statements Previously Made by Nana and Papa. #2 outlandish statement came courtesy of Nana, when she looked at me and announced publically that I've gained weight. Out of nowhere....and just as quickly as she announced it she went back to talking about alligators 'with spikes on [their] heads'.

#3 outlandish statement came from Papa, when my cat Zoey emerged from her cave underneath the couch. She crawled out, looking tired and annoyed as she always does, and she made a big display of stretching. My papa stared at her and declared, "She's a hermaphrodite".

So um....yeah....

1)alligators 'with spikes on [their] heads' apparently live on golf courses and eat people
2)i've gained weight, and evidently not in a nice way
3)my cat's a hermaphrodite

So um.....yaaaaaaaaaay! Happy Easter to us all!

What else? Well my nana just called wishing me luck tomorrow for my appt at the tx center tomorrow. I told her thanks and that i'd call her when mum and I get home. I have not really spoken about it really b/c i'm superstious and hate fucking things up. So this is it, no more talk.

That's it people, Happy Belated Easter, Happy Belated Spring, Happy Belated everything!

I wanted to add this link for you to check out. I will explain it first. If's called "The Spoon Theory". Read it, and you will understand a little better about what life with a chronic illness and lack of energy is like a little better. The person who created this is a fucking genius. If you are a fellow Sickie like myself, you most likely have heard of this (there's a group on facebook too). Enjoy!

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Kevin said...

Hi Bree!
Great post! Laughed my ass off at the comments by your Nana & Papa. All of down here in Florida have to look out for them "spikey headed" gators, them dangerous! :) Read the spoon theory page, very good and true. I pray that you get listed soon.

Take Care Bree!
Kevin 31 with CF, double lung tx, Tampa, FL