My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Back in Action

Well I received a wonderful call today informing me that my computer was ready and fixed, completely virus free! The only concerning issue was the memory so i had it replaced. To prevent my lungs from exploding I asked a store worker to kindly carry my comp to my car and he obliged. I am thrilled to report that I am writing on my comp now!

Erm what else? Me thinks we're getting sick again - or rather, are still sick with aspergillus. Honestly, I'm a respirological mess so who the hell knows what's wrong with me. Did i post that I botched my breathing test on Monday? I think I did. I think all this oxygen depriviation is damaging my brain. Maybe i should just sleep forever to prevent damage. Ugh, I'm talking nonsence.

Either way, I feel like utter shit to be quite honest. I wanted to die vaccuming my room. I went over a spot 3 times and had to stop. So i put the O2 on and only with the aid of that was I able to finish. I go back to TGH on the 25th and I sincerely hope that they list me b/c I am really starting to feel like absolute shit all the time now. I'm exhausted again and it sucks. I just want to cry b/c I feel like I"m going no where.

Speaking of going nowhere - what to do after uni? That's my biggest dilemma (next to my health, silly me). I don't know what I will do career-wise. I am confident i will find a job, I know that, but still, I can't help but feel the sense of utter fucked-ness as I think about money and the future. Ugh...I hate being frugal! What else? Oh yea I don't even have a job for the summer yet! Oh well....Fuck.

Fuck it all, right?

News to report? friend Grant (aptly named Grantual by me) ran a 5 k race on Saturday. Congrats to you, Grant. For those who don't know, Grant had a double lung tx almost 8 years ago. This is what can happen ppl!

Spoke to Alice today. She's doing well. Her boobs are numb from the incision but her lung function is 97%! I'm jealous! Alice's blog got nominated for some blog award. Why the hell wasn't mine? I'm insanely jealous.

Kayla is doing well. I saw some of her incision pics on facebook. They look good - painful, but good. Havent spoken to her directly other than some wall posts on Facebook.

The world is going on accordingly. The snow is melting and it's warming up. I feel like shit but at least spring is coming! Hopefully I will see Howard soon!

That's all for now.

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