My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, February 22, 2008


I am le sick.

Aspergillus is thy name. Aspergillus is a form of fungus. Yummy. So needless to say that 10 day course of Avelox I just finished probably didn't do anything. Remember that sputum sample I gave last week? Well my doc sent me a letter in the mail today, saying i've got Aspergillus and a requisition to get blood taken to see how bad it is or if there's other fun stuff in there. So yay.

Not sure what they treat it with either - prob more antibiotics.

In the mean time I have suffered 2 massive nosebleeds from both nostrils within the last 2 days, the last one mere minutes ago when it felt like my polyp exploded and blood flew out everywhere.

Oh the life of a respirologically disabled person. Not only that but it's reading week and i've done dick all. I must catch up on work as i've got mounds and mounds it of.


In other news, J-Lo exploded babies everywhere today and had twins with that disgusting hubby of hers.

That's it. Hope you're well. My friend Kayla got her lungs today so yay Kayla! Alice celebrated her 1 month anniversary of her tx today as well. Hopefully next month they will list me - YAY!


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Hi Bree

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