My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well, my computer decided to have a stroke yesterday so I have to take it in - AGAIN - tomorrow to see what can be done. Beautiful. Amazing. Wonderful. Extraordinary. Thank you for crapping out yet again when I had a take home assignment due today. I'm truely blessed to have you in my life.

Went to that Asthma/You Can't Breathe Right clinic and got PFTs done for the millionth time since last year. Even though I again botched the results by taking my Advair and Spirivia b/c the test (I wondered if they were gonna do them...i just never called to ask partly b/c I'm useless) I was informed that yes, they would be happening. And even after my Advair and Spiriva had been taken, a mere 2 hours later my PFTs came out a whopping 27%. Even more laughable, was after I was given 2 puffs of ventolin, I was still at 27%. So, um.....yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

I was given a new device called an Acapella Choice, which is pretty much the new version of that ugly PEP i used to do. It lookes like a mini handheld vacumme. I have to go back Monday to be taught how to use it. You exhale into it and it vibrates and your lungs do too. It's pretty rightous.

Errmmmmm what else? Yes yes, when I had my take home midterm all typed up today (I am using my mum's laptop) I realized that I would have to hook my printer up to someting. Since this lappy has never come into contact with a printer, I had to use my sisters. And as I was printing it ran out of in on the second last page, so a page of the assignment, the bibliography, and the title page, are printed in blue. Again, yaaaaaaaaay.

Please find solace in knowing that my computer this time afforded me the opportunity to back up files, pictures, and songs this time. Me thinks it's more of a hardware prob than a virus. Lets hope. So tomorrow I'm taking my weak self over to the place to get it fixed. Hopefully I don't drop this massive peice of machinery as I carry it uselessly into the store.

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