My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, February 4, 2008

Stupid Assumptions

Not to be confused with "stupid people". This is about stupid assumptions.

First let me begin by saying this: don't you hate it how someone can say ONE thing to you, and completely ruin your day? And you want to kick that person in the head? Well that happened to me. I inquired about probably not being able to work full time this summer if I have to do physio 3 times a week, and someone said, "Well...still apply!" like they thought i'd sit around on my fucking ass all summer with no intention of working. Well, it was enough to greatly upset me and I stormed off. I said, "Of course I will!" not adding "you dumb shit!"

Sometimes I think that b/c I didn't get listed, this person thinks that suddenly my lung problems have disappeared miraculously. Like a Jesus conception.

I'm trying not to let it upset me, but i think tonight when I eat I'll pant and choke just to remind them that I still have breathing problems.

Also, I spilt mustard on my freshly washed sweater twice today, got dirt on my other white top ( that i initially changed b/c it was dirty, only to get mustard on that one), and the pickle i had been spying to eat all day turned out to be partially rotten with black speckles on it.

So to make myself feel better I'm watching people get attacked by whales on youtube.

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Risa said...

Hi Bree

I am sorry you had a bad day. They just do not get it. People who do not think before they speak tend to have cement in their brains. Feel well,