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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Black Ice Spin-Out

Holy fuck.

Let's put it that way.

Let me begin. So my 2 friends, Ash and Jess and I went shopping tonight. The weather is gradually growing crappier, as tomorrow the temps are supposed to plummet and the winds are supposed to gust to 90 km/h. It began to get windy tonight, when our shopping expedition came to a close. While it wasn't quite 9pm yet, we decided to drive to the opposite end of town to Jess's house. Since we were in my end of the city, I decided to lead the way I usually go.

So down the long road we descended. Driving wasn't too horrible. Pretty soon we had passed the heavily driven, snow-sodden roads and were on a less populated, traveled one. It hadn't been salted yet either. Conditions here are barren and the snow whipped and danced across the asphault. I was in the lead. Behind me was Ash, then Jess. We weren't going fast for obvious reason...I was going 40 km/h at the most. We keep driving and I noticed that I didn't feel like I had good control over my steering. I didn't really pay much attention to it...I thought it was just the way the snow driven path on the road was. I looked in my rearview mirror only to see Ashley's car behind me turning the other way. "What the hell?" I thought. "Why is she turning around?" I thought maybe she didn't like the direction I was taking and decided to turn around....

It was as I was thinking this that I began to spin out. Ash spun-out behind me, 360 degrees and I spun-out at the same time. My mind went blank. Everything I learned in driving school about what to do when you hit black ice and spin-out left my mind. I braked. I turned my wheel into the spin instead of keeping my foot on the gas with the wheels in the opposite direction of the spin. I screamed. I thought I would die. It seemed like my car would never stop. Finally I turned my wheel in the opposite direction and I came to a rest at a snow bank at the other side of the road. I was facing the complete opposite direction I came down the road in. I spun completely around...twice I think. I sat there in my car...Ash a few hundred meters in front of me. She turned her 4 ways on. My mind went blank and I couldn't remember how to turn my 4 ways on or where to find them.

I was shaking. I began to cry. Someone pulled over and went to Ashley's car. I just sat there. I decided to get out...maybe she was hurt...afterall she smashed into a snow bank. I'm not sure if I did...I'll check the car tomorrow. I ran out to Ashley's car. She was crying...I got in and hugged her. "We're fine" I said. "We're ok. We made it".

Ashley's cell rang. It was Jess...Jess was behind her and watched us both spin out...but she couldn't stop b/c she had her daughter in the car. Ash told her we were find and to keep going. I think we freaked ppl out. I won't lie; it was pretty cool, the way our cars spun-out at the same time...almost like a dance.

It was scary....I took a completely different route home. I can't help but wonder how many others spun-out after us...and if the ppl who were driving behind us are talking about how they saw 2 cars spin out at the same time on the same sheet of black ice.


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