My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, February 11, 2008

Infection(s) and Retail Therapy

Emphasis on 's'.

Yay. I went to the doc today - my chest doc for my regular appt. She was happy with how my eval went and seems to think there's a good possibility I'll be listed in March - which is good but scary. She hasn't heard anything about me starting rehab tho but said there's a good possibility the transcript is still in the mail. I told her I was more productive, but I'm not sure if i'm sick b/c it changes day to day. Regardless she presribed Avelox b/c she thinks i may have pseudo. I told her my throat and chest were sore so she thinks I'm sick. Also, I told her i had post nasal drip and that it's bright green and she gave me a kit for a nasal rinse. I may have a sinus infection too.

I'm falling apart.

I came home and cried - not b/c i was upset just b/c i'm frustrated with everything. I fell to the ground and hugged my dogs and forbade him from leaving me. I hugged him for 10 minutes and I knew he knew I was upset. I got upset b/c the garbage was full and it was gross. Sometimes sh*t happens.

I had to drop a sputum sample to see what i'm culturing and dropped my prescriptions off as well. Then i went to the mall where i indulged in some retail therapy. I smelled a sale so i wondered into Access but nothing caught my eye. I then ventured into Sterling where it was empty. Suddenly, the skies opened up and a light shone from heaven. This Immaculate light proceeded to fixate itself on the purse wall, which enabled my eyes to catch red tags which means SALE.

My eyes widened and I couldn't get in there fast enough.If i had to push, shove, and crush tiny children under foot to get into that store, I would have honestly done it. I would have run too...voluntarily. So in I went straight to the Wall of Purse and stared.

The cash lady asked me what i was looking for and i said " a giant purse" and she said, (like words spoken from Jesus) "It's your lucky day...everything's on sale with an additional 30% off"


She pointed out all the big ones and suddenly, her hand rested upon the most gorgeous, expensive looking purse ever. My heart sunk b/c she said it may not be on sale, but checked the price anyway. As luck would have it - IT WAS! So there I was, retail therapy complete..when I was in for a huge shock:

Originally$120 (with tax prob $130 or higher) came to *ding ding ding* $62! For a second (in my mind) confetti fell from the sky and angels swooped above. For all the sh*t that's happened this week...this truely makes up for it.

I left a happy camper, completely ready to flaunt it off to the world and my sister. My sister last week got retail therapy by scoring a pair of shoes. Well....Giant Purse trumps Special Shoes anyday. I fully intend to make her jealous in every sisterly, selfish way possible. In fact...I told my mum it will sleep in my bed tonight.

It's like a museum peice: you can look - but you can't touch!

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