My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Party like a Rockstar...Party like a Rock...

Welp, first things first!

Alice has a new set of lungs!

Heath Ledger died:( (mourns)

And I'm still waiting.

So...Alice, Alice, Alice you ask? She's doing great! I just read her blog (which her sister is so kindly updating) and Alice is still sedated but should be coming off of it soon! The lungs fit perfectly and so far, she is in perfect condition! Yay Alice! I will admit I will miss sitting on MSN talking to you about how shitty we feel and how it sucks being hooked up to O2 all the time, and how people can be bastards, but at the same time, I AM SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I cannot wait till you return and you can BREEEEEEEEATHE! I've heard it's easy. I can't wait to experience it myself!

Also, Heath Ledger died. Holy fucking shit! That was shocking! Yesterday a lot of things happened that will forever stay in my memory: as always, it was Karyn's birthday and she would have been 22; Alice got her lungs; Heath Ledger DIED; and also, the first Bowing 747 took flight in 1970 (or something). Who knew January 22nd marked so many occasions? I'm baffled.

So alas, I sit here, waiting. Still no word from the hosp about whether or not I will be listed yet. To be honest, I'm quite jealous of all my tx friends b/c it seems like everyone is getting lungs left, right and center, and pretty soon I'll have no one left and will be all alone. Sure, there's Kayla, but sometimes you need more than 1 person! Oh well - irregardless of the matter my jealousy is greatly outshone (sp?) by my joy for these people!

School is busy. I have a paper and an exam next week (already? YES ALREADY!). I also have to post for my online Sexuality course. Oy *sigh*. What else is going on with me? Nothing. It's freezing. The last couple of days were in the -20's (no joke) and it's been frigid. Yesterday my bus never came so I waited after class and froze. I came home out of breath and very angry.

Spring time, come soon!

That's all for now peeps. I must return to my online readings.

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Alice said...

You always make me laugh Bree! And now it's easy with my new lungs!!! And yes, the rumours are true, it is in fact easy to breathe! It was so weird to hear that Heath Ledger died when I woke up! Who would've thought? If someone told me 'you're going to outlive Heath Ledger' I wouldn't have believed them!