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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years with a Bang!

Or a barf, I should say.

Many people at the party I attended spent the latter half of the evening/early portions of the morning barfing. Tara was afflicted with the flu and spent all night in comfy clothes, clutching a nearby toilet as us selfish party animals drank to our hearts content. I myself had 2 going at once:

Not the classiest moment but definately a shiny one for myself. 14 people were in attendence at Krystal and Tara's place and I can honestly say that I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. I actually at one point was laughing so hard that i had to stop so I could take ventolin. I truely beleived that if i kept laughing I probably would have stopped breathing or something. I took so many pictures and I'm truely glad that I did. I saw a lot of people that I hadn't seen in a while so it was a good time. There was so much food but I mostly stuck to the fruits and veggies.

For the majority of the night we sat on the kitchen floor. Why? I don't know, but i guess it was for the better b/c sometime after midnight our friend Mike passed out. He slouched over aned threw up all over himself so thank god it was linolium flooring and was easy to clean up (thanks Katey!). Somehow people managed to move Mike into the bathroom, where he slept, on the floor, for the rest of the night.

The morning saw Brent and Greg barfing. It was both disgusting and funny and I can we can honestly say we partied our hardest, laughed the loudest, and had the most fun we'd had in a long, long while. Over night we did get a lot of snow and I was really shocked when I woke up and went to my car to see this:

Yup, that's the Red Rocket burried in 5 inches of snow which accumulated that night. Laura and I left yesterday morning and thought we might not be able to back out it was so high. Some of the streets had yet to be plowed but alas, we made it! When i got in my car it was pitch black from all the snow and took a good 10 minutes to entirely clean the car off. Oh well, good times nonetheless!

So yes, I ended up spending the night at Krystal and Tara's (as did many people) and it was my first time since starting O2 that i slept without it. We retired to bed around 3ish but i didn't sleep. I guess i am truely depended on the good stuff bc I was awake from 3-6am. Laura was up at 6am, Greg was in the bathroom puking, so we decided to go upstairs to see who else was awake. Brent woke up when he rolled off the couch and Mike was still asleep on a towel on the bathroom floor. Eventually we figured out no one upstairs was gonna wake up any time soon so we went back to the basement where we slept till about 10. I felt ok when i woke up but once i got back to my house, i napped in the afternoon coz i was so tired. Lastnight I went to bed around 1am and slept soundly until 10:35 am! GO ME! However, when I woke up, i discovered one of our dogs had pissed infront of my door which angered me greatly.

That's all for now. Hope you all had a good New Years! Welcome 2008!

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