My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, January 7, 2008

Good for Me

Good for me! Good for me! Good for me!

Alas, it's back-to-school week for the winter semester and here i am, like a ripe old peach, doing my online readings for my distance ed course. What a champ, i know!

Who knows how much of this semester I will be able to do. If i get listed, I have to take a leave, if not, then i stay, and if i don't get on top of things than I am fucked. And fucked I am determined not to be! So here I sit, reading about sexuality in the late-Victorian era. Fancy-schmancy.

Everytime the phone rings long distance I jump. Could it be the hospital telling me my fate? I am so antsy it's rediculous. It also makes my stomach bubble with excitment though. This could be it! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! And i scream internally like a hollow shell of some sort.

Wow. How crazy has this been? I almost need to step back and survey myself. Hey, if they don't list me, it's b/c it's too early and that's ok. I'm just buying more time for the time being and i have to accept that. I can go back in 6 months down the road. No problem really. I have to be prepared for that too. I am prepared for both options honestly, as I've had a good 3 weeks to think.

Today marks another day. Krystal (or Special K) is departing in 2 hours for ICELAND! Yup...Tara's back from PoPo and now Krystals leaving for Iceland. Oh how I envy them! I am going to miss Krystal a lot, but, just like Tara's trip, Krystals will pass quickly too so that's good! Krystal if you read this (which you should! *glare*) i hope you have a safe trip! Meet some Puffins for me - YAY!

In other news, it's mild. It may actually storm today. That's exciting! The grass has appeared through the murkiness of the lawn - much like a swamp. I hope Howard is sleeping soundly and I cannot wait to see him when the spring comes.

That's about it for now. Not much to report. I've accomplished a lot today so i don't feel completely lazy. I just emptied out my binder from last semesters shit, i put new paper in my binders, organzied them, made an appt with an adivsor to update them on my medical status at school, called in my meds...and wrote a coverletter so we can mail our hotel receipt. I also washed my sweater.


Good for me!

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