My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just another January Day.... in la la land.

I was awoken with a start today at roughly 5am and then 9am. Evidently it was storming outside pretty hard. I opened my window and what to my wandering eyes appeared but tree branches and garbage thrashing and blowing near! It was windy as wind could be, with gusts exceeding 100km/h. My mum said the wind 'stopped' her outside today, and advised me that it was wise and fortunate on my part that I did not have class today and that I wasn't wondering/blowing about aimlessly. True enough, my adventures outside did not extend past the back deck for fear that I would blow away.

I can only say that whenever we have wind storms (which is quite frequent around the Great Lakes) that my huge, ever-regurgetated (sp?) fear is that I might actually blow away. I mean, the wind takes my breath away literally when I step outside....but i couldn't imagine actually blowing away. I'm sure it would probably happen though as I have been pushed by the wind before. I guess we'll see.

I am here to also announce that my last post was a lie. While it was my full intent to actually do hw, I failed to do so and as a result I sit here having accomplished nothing. I can't get into the swing of things just yet. It all seems so overwhelming. For my online class alone this week I have 4 things to read. FOUR THINGS? WHAT THE FUCK? Give me a goddamn break, academia! Needless to say this is not motivating me any harder to get shit done. I am just going to sit here and doddle.

As thinks we may be getting sick. I'm not sure...I hope it's not the kind of sickness that sneaks up and slowly takes over. If i'm gonna get sick, just let me know and hit me full force....don't fucking sneak up and have me realize i'm sick when it's obviously too late. You know? I've been questioning if I've been getting sick for a while now and it's hard to tell. You're probably wondering how one could not know if they're sick or not. Well let me tell you: when you generally feel like shit all the time, cough up phlegm and cough on a daily the event that sickness does descend upon may be slow to pick up on sudden changes. Yes i have been coughing a little bit more...but what i cough up is 'healthy' in colour. So who knows....maybe I need to wait till i cough up blood or something? I dunno....should i know?!?

Life is confusing. Recently I've broken 3 nails. My thumb and my two middle fingers. I broke my thumb bowling the other night and my 2 middle fingers playing the piano. I was banging away playing Evanescence and writing my own song obsessively and looky looky my nail broke and now i'm mad. Interestingly enough, Zoey - my precious soon-to-be-morbidly-obese cat, loves to watch me play. She walks up and down the keys and sits down and watches as i play. She sits her fat ass down and takes up a good 2 octives, greatly hindering my ability to melodically branch out as i play.

Ugh. I don't have anything interesting to blog about. And for that, I'm sorry.

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Alice said...

My cats used to HATE it if I play piano! As soon as I lifted the lid they ran away! Zoey's definitely one special cat! We also get strong wind, and it does tend to blow you away! It sucks when you can't breathe to begin with and have to face the wind as well!