My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hey Hey, It's Saturday

Well today I lounged around like a lazy cow. Well, actually, that's a lie. I made homemade mushroom soup, which was fantastic except for the fact that I don't like mushrooms. It was easy to make except I was thrown for a loop when i had to puree the mushrooms and the broth in a blender and the lid blew off twice. It spewed chunky soup bits all over the floor and on my dogs, but nonetheless, not much escaped and it was a good soup overall. Bravo, moi. I also went to the bank to put in a huge gob of money but I still feel like a poor university student. Oh well, thank god i'm frugal.

Lastnight I baked peanut blossoms which were fantastic and most of them have been consumed. It's essentially peanut butter cookies and when u take them out of the oven you put a hurshey's kiss in the center(for those not in the know - pft).

I am not feeling too bad. A bit chesty but no portion of my lungs has been coughed up (yet). I'm not feeling fantastic either though, but then again, when do I?

Would you like to hear a bizarre story? Of course you do. So sit down. I went to high school with a ton of people. It turns out, someone I went to HS with had CF. Turns out also, that she's been waiting for a double lung tx. Oddly enough, I found this out through my sister, whose boyfriends sister is friends with this person. Are you following? Well, I hunted this person down on facebook and we've been talking for a bit. She got listed at the end of Oct/beginning of Nov and I am happy to announce that yesterday she got her transplant! I am so happy for her and if you could send good vibes, karma, or prayers to her (sarah) i'm very sure she'd appreciate it!

Also, I still not have heard from the hosp in regards to being listed, but if you could also say a prayer that i DO get listed, I would love you forever.

I'd also probably bake you cookies and mail them to you.
Cheers/Skal (thats for you Krystal!)

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