My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Not quite sure what to title this blog, quite honestly. I wrote 2 midterms today and they went well. I don't have much else to report quite honestly.

On the tx front, not much to report. Am refraining from filling in the forms from the thing i got in the mail, don't know why. I got into an argument with my mum tonight over how many vegetables I ate, and i screamed that she doesn't eat any either, and she screamed back that she does and that I just don't see it.

I am choosing not to believe her.

She also went on to tell me how she doesn't like big carrots from the ground. Apparently, those are vastly different from small ones. from the ground.

Weird. Unproductive. And boring.

I have been MIA lately, b/c i've been hijacked and stolen and taken to the mysterious, rarely visted island of Studying. It's not a place i visit often, and i'll be damned if i ever go back soon. I wrote 2 midterms today - count 'em, two, back to back. History of Anthropological Thought and Prehistory of Canadian Native Peoples. I fell asleep last night (couldn't fall asleep for the longest time - fucking hate sleep problems) and dreamt about Clovis points. It was terrible, I couldn't stop thinking either. I hate my brain sometimes. It never shuts up.

As a result of all this studying, one can imagine i've spent a lot of umpresidented time sitting square on my ass. Bizarrely, i have thus pulled off the incredibly hard task of BRUISING MY TAILBONE W/O ANY ACCIDENT. No, I didn't fall on ice, or get hit with something, no, i've just been lazy and bruised my tailbone from so much sitting. It hurts. It hurts a lot, so much so I've been taking Motrin. Oh well.....

Lungs feel like crap. Wanted to pass out today from walking around so much. Honestly, fuck. I hate walking. I want wheels attached to my feet.

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BreathinSteven said...

Hey Bree!!!

No offense to your Mom, but screw the vegetables... You need to put on weight and vegetables DO NOT HELP... Take a vitamin or two for what you've missed from the veggies -- but you need to eat things that will put some pounds on... Those pounds are insurance for survival.

Unless you lace the vegetables in butter or cheese sauce, fuck the vegetables... Seriously... It's hard for some folks to understand that when they know/realize/believe that vegetables are so "healthy" -- but in the situation you're in, and I was in, they're just bulk that will keep you from putting a little "junk in the trunk" that you really desperately need right now...

And I'm sorry to say this, but WALK... Some exercise is vitally important -- the mantra at our clinic was, "if you walk into your transplant surgery, you'll walk out..."

Glad you pushed through your midterms -- I'm proud of you... A lot of stronger people would have thrown in the towel long ago... Keep pushing! And now that you're through much of that, fill out the papers -- I can't wait until your lungs don't feel like crap! I'm in awe of your strength...