My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Transplanty stuff from today

Welp, today I went up to TO for some pre-tx stuff today and it went well! They needed a T-cell work up as per request of the tx ppl at TGH so that is the reason for me going.

They took 12 viles of blood and i felt drained. At about the 8th vile my vein started aching from being bled so much. I could feel it crappy out and giving up....but it didn't and as soon as it started and ended I was able to leave.

I met with 2 immunologists and 2 doctors. The 2 immunologists have been following me all my life, Dr. R being one of them. Quite honestly he seemed kind of sad that it has come down to me needing a tx but said that there is no reason why my outcome shouldn't be great - astronomical as I am choosing to think! B/c I am lacking in immunity it will most likely work in my favour and I won't need as many anti-rejection drugs so that's good. If anything the immunity enzymes that are in everyone's organs could potentially help build my own immune system so I could be healthier than I am now! Exciting!

Also, the docs said that it will be too hard for my dad and I to constantly drive to and from TO for the 3 days of my evaluation so they are going to set up funds through the CI society and see if i can get put up in a hotel. HOW SWEET!

That's all for now, I am off to make hot chocolate!!!

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