My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, November 15, 2007

More transplanty stuff from yesterday

...The things I forgot to mention yesterday b/c i was simply too lazy to include them.

Well, they listened to my heart and i was instructed to shut the fuck up. Well she didn't say "shut the fuck up" but i was given a look that said, "SHUT UP!". My lungs are so loud and crackly that you can't hear my heart through the stethoscope. Honestly. When i looked at my x-ray from September I had trouble finding my heart in it b/c of all the fluid and scarring in my lungs. I rather feel much like the Grinch where his heart is one size too small. I really had to search...but alas, there it was, a dangly little sac amiss crap infested lungs. Joyous of all joys. Let us sing and be merry.

What else? Yes yes, I waited in the bus terminal for the bus for an hour and a half. I knew I was there early but i didn't really mind. Instead I fed a pigeon doritos and soon i named it Todd. Todd was grey with green feathers around his neck, and 2 white stripes on either sides of his beak. He also had a resident spider crawling across his back. Whenever other pigeons would come near me for food, he would charge at them and chase them away. This made me laugh. He'd come back up to me and wait for me to throw more doritos to him. More and more pigeons flocked and he chased them away. There was a pretty grey and white one and Todd didn't like him much. I refered to him as Bastard. But soon I realized Bastard was crippled b/c his toes were all fat and deformed, and his one foot only had one toe instead of 3.

I felt bad for not feeding him, but Todd would steal w/e I threw b/c he's a needy little fuck.

That's about it for yesterday. Today i felt lazy and unmotivated as I usually do. I slept for 10 hours and was still tired. I missed 2 of my 4 classes b/c my body felt drained of it's resources aka VAST AMOUNTS OF BLOOD. I felt that had I fallen over at any point during the day, I would probably never get up. I'd just lay there and be squashed.

That's about it. I am done for now.

Bon soir!

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