My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Success (Even in the smallest sense)

I have a huge zit.

Located on the Island of Pore, to the right of my chin, it is a massive swelling surrounded by a freckle, with a red peak in the center. It could erupt at any time with in the next couple of days. So far it has been smashed, squished, and scratched unintentionally. No coverup is present. Surrounding area has been cleansed and evcuated of any cosmetics.

I ran out of Advair. Advair is my asthma puffer that I take twice a day - morning and night - and I ran out this morning. I thought I had enough until tomorrow but evidently not. I called in the pharmacist today to order all the meds i need but my dad was too busy to pick them up. I will have to wait till tomorrow. For the mean time, I will survive off Ventalin and hope to God that i don't suffocate in my sleep.

So this thus makes it 4 out of 8 meds I am out of. I ran out of Zithro last Friday, so b/c i havent taken it in over a week, i'm all phlegmy and all that nice stuff. I am not yet out of Singulare. I am out of Advair as previously stated, and Spiriva as of Friday or something. Sprivia is another inhaled med. I'm just in great shape aren't I? A regular rock star with a shit memory. Oh well. I am happy anyways.

Anyways, in regards to my title name, I have seen success today! Throughout the day i have relaxed, and as soon as my parents left for their Fondue Party (how's 70's eh?) I hit the books and am almost done the book for my paper! On top of that, I am actually retaining and understanding everything they are talking about. YAY! You know how sometimes you can be reading but you realize you're just looking at the words and not taking in what the author is actually talking about? Nope, not my problem this time! I only have 70 pages left to read and I hope that I can finish tonight, and get back to working on my paper.


Hope your weekend finds you well.
Love love love,

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