My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, November 9, 2007

Gonna Blog about This...

Holy schnikies it's been a while since i've blogged. Well, I'm mildly past my enraged state from before so I am choosing not to mention it any further than..........this.

Today I went to get my Gamma. All was relatively normal. I slept in b/c i'm lazy and got there at about 11am. The clinic was busy so I had to wait but that's ok b/c i love my nurses. Had it been any other clinic or hospital I probably would have had a fit and started throwing things, but instead i listened to my iPod and read Cosmo and UsWeekly. It was good. There was a lot info about men...and well, i love men so that was fine with me. I only had one poke and the IV went in, although towards the end of my IV i made the mistake of moving my backpack to get something out of it, and when i went to put it back down i dropped in on the IV tubing and it nearly pulled it out of my arm. It hurt just a little bit.

So I left and got McDonalds afterwards. I havent been there in eons. I got a happy meal and the toy was some bug/bee thing from Bee Movie. It's mildly entertaining and Zoey sure loves it. I drove home eating my hamburger, dancing to my iPod in my car. I don't care if ppl were watching, i felt happy. They can all go to hell.

I'm feeling good immune system wise but les lungs feel like the cream of the crap. Since it's cold now i feel shitty. Putting my coat on leaves me breathless so i have to go at Really-Old-People's Pace. My one coat feels like burbur/a potato sack and it's really heavy when i put it on. Today i whiped it on, forgetting my crappy state and my arms tingled for about 5 minutes and i stood and caught my breath. It really sucks.

Back to the news i said i wouldn't talk prof wrote me back and we are gonna meet on Monday. That's good b/c i have to hand a paper in that day anyway. Can you beleive it, I havent done any hw in 3 days. Shit.

Either way, i will tell her all about what's going on with me health wise. I think i need to inform her so she doesn't think i'm a complete idiot. I'm not!

Anywho, I am gonna go to bed maybe.

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