My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Specialness of Lung Problems

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

Anyways, let me get to my point of this blog today: the specialness of lung problems. I just went through a good 20 minute panic upon realizing that my nebulizer was potentially broken. I looked under the mouse infested sink for my long-ago bag that i chucked under there in the summer and couldn't find extra tubing. I have no extra cups either and i realized that I was right fucked. So i sat on the floor and I pouted, and I huffed and I puffed and I coughed. Thank-god for my CF-ridden friend Megs for giving me things to do to help with my neb problems, like letting the tubing run air through it to blow out any moisture, and securing my cups to the tubing extra tight. I took it upon myself to rinse out the cups in scalding hot water to get loose any extra chunky salt. And voila! Problem solved! Here i sit, happily nebbing, all thanks to Megan who came to my rescue during my time of respiralogical need. Thank you very much!

What else? We got some snow today. It was so so pretty. What started off as a shitty, rainy day turned into a gorgeous , humungous flake infested day! It snowed heavily with flakes of monstrous proportions around 4:00 and ended about 20 minutes ago. Gotta love it. I let the dogs out and they made themselves busy with eating the snow off the deck. I didn't do too much today. I worked on my paper about Max Weber and his use of structuralism and evolution breifly. I happily distracted myself from it by doing laundry, playing the piano obsessively, jumping around to the best of my ability to "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" by Drowing Pool, I baked a dozen chocolate chip muffins and ate 3 of them, and then I proceeded to do dishes. Then I turned the Christmas tree lights on (which we put up yesterday yay!) and oggled at it. Then i stood at the window and watched the snowflakes fall.

And then my neb broke:(

So really, you can see that I'm great at distracting myself. It is now 7:27 and i should probably get working. Dancing with the Stars is on at 8. GO MEL B ALL THE WAY!

What else? Did I mention that my doc told me about Melatonin to take for my sleep probs? Well she did and I picked it up and may take some tonight. I am not anticipating sleep probs but I always run into them the night I need to sleep before school. We will see!

Oh yes before I go I need to happily report that MY DAD SAW HOWARD about two weeks ago! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! He is alive and well and happily frozen by now. When my dad saw him he had accidentally woken him up. He opened one eye, stretched, gave my dad a nasty look and moved underneath a leaf to sleep. Oh Howard you have no idea how happy you have made me by deciding to stay. YAY!

Have a good one, peeps!

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