My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

Now back to me. ME ME ME!

Things have been quite rediculous the last week I must say. I had a paper due today first thing. I spent all day Monday reading reading reading, and yesterday was spent writing writing writing. It was temporarily interuppted b/c I had to go my for TB test yesterday. It went well....quite honestly it hurt a little and it bled:( The nurse looked a little alarmed at how much it bled as I'm sure she wasn't expecting it! Either way, I have to go back tomorrow to get the results read (they inject a bubble under your skin, and if the bubble stays or gets bigger, and gets red, it meas you HAVE been exposed to TB. If the bubble shrinks and there is no redness, it means you HAVE NOT been exposed to TB and are A-OK).

The bubble shrunk within a couple of hours but I have a bruise from the bleeding. Overall I am happy that I had normal results!

What else? Yes yes, I recieved my second transplant intinary in the mail last night! It's a little booklet with 2 sheets stapled to the the main page; the first is a consent form I need to fill out if i wish to partake in their survey via email, and the second was a run-down grid of my tests for my evaluation day-to-day. The inside of the booklet had the tests and their times and what they were for, how they would be performed, why I was getting them done, and what special considerations I should do before or after the tests. Overall, I am very pleased with how thorough it is, as it helps my parents see what I will be going through. I am happy to report that NO GASTRO OR RIGHT HEART CATH IS MENTIONED!! I was so worried about those! I was terrified about having my heart catheterized through my neck, and unhappy with the prospect of having a camera thingy shoved up my nose and down my esphagus for 24 hours to see how i digest food.

I do however, still have to collect urine for 24 hours. Oh could be stool samples - AGAIN - like when I had the Adenovirus last year....

What else? I am still having sleep issues:( *boo*. Last night I failed to fall asleep until 5:30 am. I had to wake up at 8 so I could be ready in time for 9:30am to catch the bus for school to hand my paper in. I felt terrible this morning, I was just so tired and my arms wouldn't work right and felt heavy from it all. Surprisingly though I stuck out 3 of my 4 classes. I opted out of my last class b/c my plan was to come home on my break and drive to the last one. However, since the city implemented a new bus system (which is fucking STUPID by the way!) i waited outside in the -5*C weather for a whole frigging hour. Needless to say I froze my ass off and was in no mood to come back to school.

Last night we got our first snow storm! It started as rain, then freezing rain, and then we got snow. Not too much tho, not as much as they originally predicted. Still, it didn't stop me from wishing school to be closed today. There was so much ice frozen to my car that the door was frozen shut and i probably should have called the Jaws of Life to open it up. Scraping the snow and ice off left me so tired and breathless that my dad had to intervene and help. Thanx dad!

Anyways that's about it. I thought i'd update. It's weird....even though I got 3 hours of sleep i feel oddly alert. Either that or i'm going insane.

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