My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, November 5, 2007

For Fuck's Sake

I am writing this through tears.

I havent cried this hard since I found out I need a tx. For fucks sake, I just want to sit in a hole and burn.

Remember how last week i studied my ass off (literally) for my midterms? Well i got my anthro one back, and i failed I failed by 5% - 5 measly 5%. And here I am, a distraught, wrecking ball of saddness that cannot be controlled.

I wrote my prof telling her that i'd be ectatic with just a 50% - all i want is a pass, and i hope she accepts it. I'm not asking for 80%, i'm not asking for her soul, I am just asking for a pass. I studied so hard. So, so hard, and this is what it gets me. Nothing. I cannot handle this anymore. Can. Not. Simply. Close. To. Giving. Up.

But I won't. I have one more mark to get back, and a paper due this Thurs that I am determined to kick ass on. But for now I am dealing with the building blocks of my confidence scattered on the floor. I only hope i can put them back together.

I hope i don't need to play the sick card on this one, b/c I am tempted to. :(

Through horrendous tears of saddness and pain,

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Anonymous said...

Oh Bree!!

I am really sorry about your midterm grade.

That's a real kick in the nuts.

Here's hoping your prof. will grant you your wish.

Chin up...Things will work out fine.