My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fall Back, Spring Forward

Welp, we officially turned our clocks back this morning at 2am, which would thus make it 1am. So far, I still have failed to turn my clock back. I just can't be bothered. Maybe some time today...

I went out to an event last night called Kink. It was an event and an experience to say the least. It was informative, shocking, and it required ppl to dress up. Krystal and I sported corsets, and i had mine on a little tight. Lets just say that crappy lungs and uber-tight corsets do not mix. I could barely breathe. The thing started around 8:30/9ish, and I stayed until 12:30. Around 11:30 my ribs started hurting. It was difficult to sit, what with my inability it to slouch and all. I felt much like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. I'm pretty certain that had I experienced the pleasure of falling over, I would have never gotten up. Nope, no way, not gonna happen. I would have just flopped around like a fish and eventually been stepped on.

Ass is still partially broken.

In other news, the east is being hit by Noel (is it No-well, like Santa, or No-wool, like 'Joel' w. an N instead of J? I've heard them prounoucned both ways.) Either way, my dear dear friend Caitlin is in Mass and I hope you're ok! I heard that power got knocked out in parts of it, and I got a msg from her this morning needing to talk to me ASAP. I hope you're alright, child!

There is not much to report in other aspects of my life. Heidi, my beloved cat, celebrated her 14th birthday on Fri, Nov. 2nd! I can't beleive it - 14 beautiful years of Heidi Speidi.
Mummy loves you!
Have a great day, peeps!

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