My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Transplant Evaluation

Transplant eval has officially been set up! I got the call today from the hosp saying i could go for it as early as the first week of Nov, or the end of Nov, or sometime in Dec. I opted for Dec. b/c Nov through the middle of Dec is horrendously busy with school and assignments and all that fun stuff, so to avoid extra stress i will be going DECEMBER 17-20 when i know that i will for sure be done school!

Can i get a 'woo hoo!'?

I have been informed it will be 4 fun-filled days, and that the day before my first appt. i have the important task of collecting my urine for 24 glorious hours. It could be worse: when i had the Adeno Virus last year i had to collect stool samples (if you can call them that) for 2 days and it was gross (how are you suppsed to collect your own shit?) Anyways....i'm losing focus here.

Just today I told my dad that simple things are getting harder. I got stuck in my sweater getting dressed and couldn't find my way out (felt like i was being born all over again) and had such a hard time breathing. Look at me I've gone and rambled. I'm off to study for midterms.


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!!!!
~ Red Blooded Woman

It's Her said...

Whoooo Hoooo!!!!