My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well well well, where have I been, you ask? Studying for midterms unfortch. I had a massively huge midterm today in my last class. Funny thing was, I got to the class an hour early for some last minute studying, and there were about 4 other people doing the same. We all knew we were fucked going into the exam and I put forth the idea that we should all join hands and sing "Koombya" before commencing into the lecture room.

Yes yes children, while I am doing good on my part by studying like a devoted intelligent university student, people are on the outside drinking their faces off, flashing their gine's (coughBRITNEYcough) and doing various other sorts of absurd thingies.

I recently received a very beautiful compliment by a Blog Blog reader, and I was so touched by it that I feel the need to bring attention to it by posting it. Ladies, gentlemen, cats and dogs, lift your skirts up, squeeze your bellies, take your medicine and grab a kleenex, coz here it is:

" I like your blog... Your timing for dropping F-bombs is impeccable..."

*cries hysterically* Off all the touching things i've read, seen, heard, and felt, that's the most beautiful thing one could mutter to me. If you havent figured it out, the F word is probably my favourite word in the whole entire world, out of every single language that is spoken on this planet. Thank you, Tom, for your words of kindness. It means a lot:)

In other news, I have figured out what I am going to get my sister for Christmas. You may recall a while ago when i was pissed off over my sister using my printer and my computer, which forced me to therefore change my password so she could no longer get on. Well, i had a brain storm today when I wasn't paying attention in class, and it thought of the perfect present for my sister: an ink cartridge. Yes yes, b/c then she will have no reason to use my printer anymore!

Now, Ashleigh, if you in fact do read this:

1) Fuck
2) Act surprised on Christmas morning.

That is all for today folks. I am off to facebook stalk.

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