My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, October 26, 2007

Transplant evaluation stuff has come in the mail!

Woot woot! *pulls imaginary train horn*

My ever psychic brain was right on the dot today when I woke up with an inkling that my much anticipated evaluation info was coming today! So when I made my trip to Timmies I made a point to stop by the mail box on the way back and lo and behold, what was waiting for me but my TRANSPLANT EVALUATION STUFF! WOO HOO!

I was so excited that I ran back into my car and got uber out of breath. I sat and i huffed and i puffed and i smiled through my distress b/c i was just oh-so-happy that this is finally on its way! WOO HOO!

I got home and ripped the envelope open. The first sheet was an inquisition informing me that I have the honour of participating in a research study on lung disease, and that I can choose to do it or not. I have opted to do b/c i'm just that nice, and also, I am keeping this stuff b/c it will come in handy in the winter when I take my Qualitative Methods class and need to make up a questionnaire sheet! Yippee! I can cheat and succeed all at the same time! Thank you Toronto General!

Anyways, a lot of the info was basic stuff. I had to schedule an appt with my regular family doctor to make a TB test, so I've gone and done that, b/c if I don't do it now i'll forget and be fucked. So that's made. Also, I have to fill in some nutrition thing which I don't understand, so that will come along to the doctors with me. I began filling in one of the questionnaires (not the You-Have-The-Extra-Special-Privaledge-Of-Participating-In-This-Questionnaire-B/c-You-Need-A-Transplant questionnaire) but a regular one, and it confused me so i gave up and abandoned it. I also have to collect my urine for 24 hours before hand...but there wasn't any info in the booklet about when and how i should go about doing that. One of the letters did say however that a second package would come 1 to 2 weeks before my eval in the mail, so maybe that will be it?

Who knows. Either way, YAY!

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