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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Too Precious for Words...

Last night, my little precious Zoey cat was asleep on my bed. The most precious thing ever. She was asleep in her Mummy pose and was just oh-so-cute and adorable that I had to go all papparazzi on her. At first I crept up and she snapped her head up and her eyes went huge and screamed out, "MUMMY NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" at me. Quickly tho, tiredness overcame her and won and soon enough she was back asleep and i used it to my advantage to get this:

And this....

Let's all hold hands and scream "awwwwww!" all together now, ok? I know I know, i felt like a proud mother when i gawked at her in her sleep, just how cute she truely is. God bless her (sometimes) angry little soul.

Today is cold. It's very very gustily windy and as a result I am wearing my sweatpants and uber warm sweater. I baked some Scottish Scones and they are truely fantastic, so fantastic that I am reluctant to share, but b/c i am nice and want to hear "Omg these are soooooooo good!" come from everybody, I am letting go of my selfishness and allowing people to have some.

That's about it really. Not feeling too hot with the weather change and all but what can ya do? I guess just stay inside and bake and cuddle with all my pets.

Have a good day!

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